ASIANetwork 2025 Annual Conference
March 28-30, 2025
Trinity University
San Antonio, Texas

Asian Interconnections: Toward New Interdisciplinary Approaches

We teach about and study landscapes, ecosystems, cultures, and societies in states of constant change and linked in various ways across time and space within and beyond Asia. The interconnectedness of places and people, past and present, draws our attention to issues of climate change, structural racism, and global frictions, among many others. The 2025 Conference theme invites exploration of points of contact, interdependencies, and boundaries between eras, regions, and academic foci in the field of Asian Studies. We encourage inspiring and challenging conversations on how to foster connections among our disparate disciplines to better understand and more effectively address the urgent needs of our interconnected world. 

We especially encourage papers from all disciplines on the following topics:

  • Asian religions and spirituality
  • Climate change, the environment, and sustainability in Asia
  • Colonial residues and curricular decolonization
  • Global south and Asian Studies
  • Digital humanities and teaching about Asia and Asian Americans
  • Eco-ambiguity in Asian and AAPI films, arts, and literatures
  • Emotions, trauma, wounds, and healing
  • Empowering and recentering of suppressed voices and knowledges
  • Ethics of AI and digital inequality in Asian and AAPI Studies
  • Interconnections of the Asian and African diasporas
  • Intersectionality of race, sexuality, class, and dis/ability
  • Innovative teaching approaches to the “interconnectedness of everything” in and beyond Asia

For questions about the 2025 ASIANetwork conference, please contact the Conference Program Chair, Dr. Qin Fang of McDaniel College.