2023 Keynotes & Roundtables

 Join us for the following invited speakers and sessions:

Namiko Kunimoto, Associate Professor of Art History and Director of the Center for Ethnic Studies, Ohio State University

Namiko Kunimoto is a specialist in modern and contemporary Japanese art, with research interests in gender, race, urbanization, photography, visual culture, performance art, transnationalism, and nation formation.

Reginald Jackson, Associate Professor of Pre-modern Japanese Literature, University of Michigan

Reginald Jackson's scholarship focuses on questions of performance and performativity within Japanese culture. His keynote address is sponsored by the ASIANetwork Blackness in Asian Studies Advisory Group.

Chan Park, Professor Emeritus of Korean Language, Literature, and Performance Study, Ohio State University

Chan Park's specialization is research and performance of p'ansori, Korean story-singing, its performance in transnational context in particular, related oral narrative/lyrical/dramatic traditions, and their places in the shaping of modern Korean drama. She has published extensively on the theory and practice of oral narratology and its interdisciplinary connection with arts and humanities as a whole.

The keynote presentations and performance at this year’s conference are generously sponsored by the East Asian Studies Center of The Ohio State University. 

Roundtables (to be announced soon)