Keynotes, Performances, and Roundtables

 Stay tuned for more information as the conference program is finalized. We are delighted to announce the following invited speakers and sessions:

Keynote Presentation

Gyanendra Pandey

Gyanendra Pandey, Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor, and Director, Interdisciplinary Workshop on Colonial and Postcolonial Studies, Emory University

Gyanendra Pandey, a founding member and leading theorist of the Subaltern Studies project, has focused his research on South Asia and the USA. Among the best known of his single-authored works are A History of Prejudice: Race, Caste and Difference in India and the United States (2013); Routine Violence: Nations, Fragments, Histories (2006); The Construction of Communalism in Colonial North India (rev. ed. 2006); and Remembering Partition: Violence, Nationalism and History in India (2001).

He has organized international, interdisciplinary workshops around questions of marginality, subalternity and difference, unarchived histories, and the practice of democracy. Publications following from the workshops include a specially edited guest issue of the postcolonial studies journal, Interventions (2008); and three major edited anthologies, Subaltern Citizens and their Histories: Investigations from India and the USA (2010), Subalternity and Difference: Investigations from the North and the South (2011), and Un-archived Histories: the “Mad” and the “Trifling” (2014). Pandey’s latest book, Fragments of Family: Men at Home in Colonial and Postcolonial India, is due to appear in 2024.

Musical Performance and Film Screening

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Please note the following roundtable discussions:

- Decolonizing Asian Studies, contact: Christine Pae (Denison University)
- Blackness in Asian Studies, contact: Vince Gaddis (Elgin Community College)
- Climate Justice in Asia, contact: Laura Elder (Independent Scholar)
- and more!