2006 Student-Faculty Fellows Program

2006Elon UniversityJapanThe Institutionalization of Japanese Art
Student(s): Alexa Little, Leslie Mumme, Thomas Spradling
Mentor(s): Kirstin Ringelberg, Art History
2006Gettysburg CollegeSingaporeThe Social Construction of Chineseness in Singapore
Student(s): LiFong Chen, Emily Harsen, Douglas Kaufman, Jason Loh, Michael Quinn
Mentor(s): Voon Chin Phua, Sociology
2006Green Mountain CollegeChinaChanges in Traditional Behaviors and Beliefs Relating to Ancestors in Jiangsu Province China
Student(s): Ashley Converse, Felipe Estudillo-Colón, HariNarayan Khalsa, Keith Solmo, Tala Wunderler-Selby
Mentor(s): Mark Dailey, Anthropology
2006Guilford CollegeTibetField Study at Nomadic Horse Festivals in Khams, Eastern Tibet
Student(s): Amanda Armbrust, William Frank, Lauren Reed, Joshua Shelton, William McKindley-Ward
Mentor(s): Eric Mortensen, Religious Studies
2006Haverford CollegeIndonesiaBalinese Identity in Transition
Student(s): Colin Cahill, Ippolita DiPaola, Elizabeth Rhoads (Bryn Mawr College), Deepa Vesudevan
Mentor(s): Leslie Dwyer, Anthropology
2006John Carroll UniversityTibetConflict and Compromise in the Labrang Community: Cultures of the Sino-Tibetan Borderlands
Student(s): Melissa A. Cigoi, Nicholas Mercurio, Alecia Ott, Rosemary Stanitz-Skove, Jeffrey Villanueva
Mentor(s): Paul Nietupski, Religious Studies
2006Loyola Marymount UniversityJapanA Forgotten Age – The Material Culture of Kamakura Zen
Student(s): Stephanie Jewel
Mentor(s): Katherine Anne Harper, Art History
2006Marietta CollegeChinaInvestigating the Building Blocks of Advertising in Contemporary China
Student(s): Jamie Gougarty, Timothy Kemble, Lauren Stermer, William Sullivan IV
Mentor(s): Luding Tong, Modern Languages
2006Mills CollegeChinaChina: The Metropolis as Icon of Modernity
Student(s): Stacy Fisher, Stephanie McLeod, Stephanie Snyder, Emily Warde, Sarah Wong
Mentor(s): Wah K. Cheng, History
2006Oglethorpe UniversityJapanAinu Culture in Contemporary Japan
Student(s): Brittany Bennett, [Name deleted at student fellow’s request], Jessica Pond
Mentor(s): Robert Steen, Foreign Languages
2006Trinity UniversityChinaRethinking Early Chinese Civilization: New Light from Excavated Chinese Manuscripts
Student(s): John R. Bandy, Jennifer V. Rektorik, Brenda Teo, Daniel J. Williamson
Mentor(s): Wen Xing, Modern Languages and Literatures
2006Valparaiso UniversityChinaChinese Perceptions of the Rise of China and Chinese Relations with the United States
Student(s): Bethany Birch, Carl Boschert, Stanley Chiu, Laura Van’t Land
Mentor(s): Zhimin Lin, Political Science
2006Wittenberg UniversityJapanReligion Expression and Practice in Japan: The Modern Henro at the 88 Sacred Places of Shikoku
Student(s): Kimie Yomoko James, Zachariah Simon
Mentor(s): Jennifer Oldstone-Moore, Religion