2009 Student-Faculty Fellows Program

2009Agnes Scott CollegeChinaTo Save or Not to Save: The Challenge Facing China
Student(s): Kelley Bledsoe Tiye Glover Asalwe Edwige Tia Qian Zhang
Mentor(s): Li Qi
2009Coastal Carolina UniversityJapanKansai and Kyushu: Roots and Routes of China-Korea-Japan Interconnections
Student(s): Yelena Ninichuk Victoria Poston Mikkenna Woods
Mentor(s): Miglena Ivanova
2009College of William and MaryJapanFoodways and Daily Ritual Practice in Contemporary Japan
Student(s): Samuel Davis Jeffrey DeMars, Jr. Christopher Pugliese Nathaniel Revere Loretta Scott
Mentor(s): Tomoko Hamada Connolly
2009Edgewood CollegeChinaLocal Identity and Change in 21st-Century Suzhou: A Multidisciplinary Perspective
Student(s): Kellian Hartshorn Renee Hartshorn Patrick Meuer Ruthie Rolfsmeyer Zachary Uher
Mentor(s): Jinxing Chen
2009Hope CollegeJapanThe Role of Non-Profit Organizations in Providing Elderly Care in Japan
Student(s): Karianne Bechtel Amanda Bruff David Dethmers Alexander Krieg Lindsay TerHaar
Mentor(s): Roger Nemeth
2009Lake Forest CollegeChinaChina through Students’ Eyes: Three Case Studies of China’s Economic and Educational Development
Student(s): David Esturain Ryan Glowacz Caitlin Smith Ian Tinley Kylie Trotman
Mentor(s): Shiwei Chen
2009Linfield CollegeJapanLessons Learned from Looking Inside the Classroom: A Study of Middle School Mathematics Education in Japan
Student(s): Marissa Davis Amy Shoemaker
Mentor(s): Nancy Drickey
2009Macalester CollegeChinaIndependent Student Research on Visual Art in China
Student(s): Eartha Bell Myoungah Park Pei-hsuan Wang
Mentor(s): Gary Erickson
2009St. Olaf CollegeJapanNational Memories in Action: Peace and Nationalist Museums in Japan
Student(s): Katherine Abell Benjamin McNeill Kelsy Manninga Amanda Wright
Mentor(s): Katherine Tegtmeyer Pak
2009Swarthmore CollegeChinaLiving Near the Central Power: Government Policy and the Realities of Life in Contemporary Beijing
Student(s): Miyuki Baker William Lin Amanda Morrison Mary Prager Benjamin Yelsey
Mentor(s): Hongyu Huang
2009University of EvansvilleSouth KoreaThe Dynamics of the Changing U.S. Image in South Korea: A Study of South Korean College Students’ Perceptions of the U.S.
Student(s): Kelly Cyr Maria Gahan Marissa Mitchell
Mentor(s): Young-Choul Kim
2009University of Wisconsin-Eau ClaireVietnamLinking Landscape Recovery and Land-Use Patterns to Disturbances Associated with the Second Indochina War: Khe Sanh, Vietnam
Student(s): Justin Berg Thomas Koehler
Mentor(s): Joseph Hupy
2009Warren Wilson CollegeChinaResearching the Impact of Globalization on Rural China
Student(s): Elizabeth Green Allison Hoyman-Browe Sean Moffit Anna Petrie
Mentor(s): Dongping Han
2009Willamette UniversityJapanThree Separate Papers on How the Memory of World War II in the Pacific is Constructed in Japan
Student(s): Jennifer Fujita Caitlin Godwin Chelsea Robinson Amy Wada
Mentor(s): Miho Fujiwara