2012 Student-Faculty Fellows Program

The summer 2012 ASIANetwork Freeman Student-Faculty Fellows Program will be the fourteenth funded by the Freeman Foundation to support collaborative undergraduate research in East and Southeast Asia. Over $434,000 will be allocated to fourteen faculty mentors and sixty-two undergraduate students for study in teams numbering between four and six individuals. Ten teams will conduct research in China, one in Japan, one in Indonesia, one in Thailand, and one in both Thailand and Cambodia.

When the summer 2012 program is completed, 172 grants will have been provided to 772 student faculty fellows from 98 different colleges throughout North America. Four of this year’s recipients are from colleges previously not funded by this program. Consequently, its outreach continues to grow. ASIANetwork remains truly grateful to the remarkable commitment of the Freeman Foundation to this program, to ASIANetwork, and to the undergraduate students and their faculty mentors who are transformed by this experience. There is no other program like it.

2012Benedictine UniversityChina“Modern Beauties, Marriage Markets, and Emergent Individualism in Contemporary Chinese Society”
Student(s): Adam Baldocchi, ’12, Kathleen Thomas, ’12 Shelby Workman, ’13
Mentor(s): Steven Day (Language and Literature)
2012Colby CollegeChina“Redefining Old Age and Eldercare: Stories from China”
Student(s): Petya Andreeva, ’13, Bette Ha, ’14, Eliza Laamoon, ’13, Fiona Masland, ’12, Jennifer Tsang, ’13
Mentor(s): Hong Zhang (East Asian Studies)
2012College of CharlestonThailand, Cambodia“Savages, Victims, Saviors and Their Engagement in Neoliberal Processes”
Student(s): Elizabeth Figliola, ’13, Susannah Hicks, ’12, Lua Parsi, ’12, Tara Schiraldi, ’12, Liza Wood, ’13
Mentor(s): Helen Delfeld (Political Science)
2012Green Mountain CollegeChina“Environmental Memory at the Edge of Empire”
Student(s): Jessica McClusky, ’12, Alison Putnam, ’13, Jena Stevens, ’13, Simon Winchell-Manning, ’13, Charlotte Wright, ’13
Mentor(s): Mark Dailey (Anthropology)
2012Linfield CollegeThailand“Governing the Stateless: New Perspectives on the Plight of Burmese Refugees in Thailand”
Student(s): Morgan Christianson, ’13, Bridget Grant,’13, Kole Kracaw, ’13, Leanne McCallum, ’13, William McHenry, ’13
Mentor(s): Michael Patrick Cottrell (Political Science)
2012Loras CollegeChina“Buddhism and Christianity in Post-Mao China: Case Studies of Lingyin Temple and Chongyi Church, Hangzhou, China”
Student(s): Shanae Kemen, ’13, Stephanie Schulze, ’13, Colleen Sullivan, ’13, Shanshan Zhu, ’13
Mentor(s): Lee S. Zhu (History)
2012Roanoke CollegeChina“Reinvented Tradition in the Age of Globalization: The Silk Road and its Legacy in Contemporary China”
Student(s): Thomas Emerson, ’14, Zachary Hottel, ’12, Mathilda Nassa, ’15, Kathleen Chenya Ouyang, ’13
Mentor(s): Stella Yingzi Xu (History)
2012St. Mary’s College of MarylandJapan“Ceremony, Theatricality, Festivity, and Festivals: The Gion Festival of Kyoto, Japan”
Student(s): Jemarc-Van Ruiz Axinto, ’14, Samuel DiDonato, ’14, Jean Drzyzgula, ’13, Frances Pierce, ’13, Elizabeth Porter, ’14
Mentor(s): Holly Ann Blumner (Theater, Film and Media Studies)
2012St. Olaf CollegeChina“Sustainable Development in Northwestern China: Relationships between Water and People”
Student(s): Daniel Habesland, ’13, Virginia Ma, ’12, Olivia Schares, ’12, Matt Venker, ’12
Mentor(s): Xun Zhang Pomponio (Economics)
2012University of Wisconsin-Eau ClaireChina“The China Hmong History Research Project”
Student(s): Der Lee, ’14, Becky Vang, ’14, Nou Vue, ’14, Choua Xiong, ’14, Chee Yang, ’14
Mentor(s): Ezra Zeitler (Geography)
2012Valparaiso UniversityChina“The Dynamics of Nutrient Exchange and Reduction of Nutrient Loading in Aquatic Ecosystems”
Student(s): Kelly Belisle, ’14, Tim Brown, ’12, Adam Dickey, ’13, Laura Mattson, ’14, Caitlin Soley, ’13
Mentor(s): Jonathan Schoer (Chemistry)
2012Vassar CollegeChina“Attitudes and Practices of Beijing Residents Regarding Sustainability in Their Choice of Foods, Transportation and Home Appliances”
Student(s): Jiayi Bao, ’14, Emily Denn, ’14, Zachary Kent, ’13, Gaelin Monkman-Kotz, ’12, Michael Norton, ’14
Mentor(s): Yu Zhou (Geography)
2012Warren Wilson CollegeIndonesia“Unveiling the Mysteries of Aceh: Local and Global Intersections of Women’s Agency”
Student(s): Annie Pryor, ’13, Elizabeth Miano, ’12, Breanna Ryan, ’14
Mentor(s): Siti Kusujiarti (Sociology)
2012Washington & Jefferson CollegeChina“The Impact of Recent Labor Shortages in China”
Student(s): McKenzie Graf, ’13, Alexander Smith, ’13, Savannah Sprowls, ’13, Aaron Szafran, ’13
Mentor(s): Yongsheng Wang (Economics)