2016 Student-Faculty Fellows Program

The summer 2016 ASIANetwork Freeman Student-Faculty Fellows Program (SFF) is the eighteenth funded by the Freeman Foundation to support undergraduate projects in East and Southeast Asia. Over $283,000 will be allocated to fourteen faculty mentors and forty-five students in four teams led by a single mentor and five teams led by two mentors. They will conduct projects in Japan (two teams), the People’s Republic of China (four teams), the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore. If one counts the 2016 recipients, the SFF program has awarded 210 grants to 998 faculty members and students at 106 AN member institutions.

ASIANetwork is grateful to the Freeman Foundation for its extraordinary commitment to fostering undergraduate research and engagement in Asia, and providing the opportunity for college students to have a mentored, in-depth experience in Asia. We also express our appreciation to the faculty mentors, supported by their campus administrators, who lead their students to Asia each summer for these transformative experiences.

Those who have worked with this program from its inception have evidenced the growing strength of Asian Studies programs among participant colleges. Proposals are becoming more sophisticated, the credentials of students and faculty are stronger, and the range and depth of research is impressive. We are especially pleased that students and faculty at AN member institutions have responded positively to the SFF program’s new theme of “Engaging Asia” this year. We wish to thank all applicants this year and in the past for their interest and support for the SFF program.

2016Beloit CollegeJapanWar and Peace: Museums and the Construction of Collective Memory
Student(s): Emma Dawson, Sarah Herendeen, Jasmine Vasquez, Sasha Feinberg, Emma Mooney and Mieke Miller
Mentor(s): Joy Beckman (Art History) and Susan Furukawa (Japanese)
2016Colby CollegeChinaNew Museum Culture in Contemporary Beijing
Student(s): Wilder Davies, Nellie Lavalle, Lynna Lei, Ling Maclean, Shauna Yuan and Jacob (Zhicheng) Zhang
Mentor(s): Mariola Alvarez and Ankeney Weitz (Art)
2016Earlham CollegeChinaThe Relationship between Family Planning and Migrant Labor in China
Student(s): Jacob Daniel Breen, Jacob Ebbs, Truman McGee, Hao Mai Hoan Nguyen, Dante Petti, and Elizabeth Swomley
Mentor(s): Rajaram Krishnan (Economics) Peng Yu (Politics)
2016Eckerd CollegeThailandLocal Forest Use and the Feasibility of Carbon Credit Programs in Kam Cha i, Thailand
Student(s): Robert Musci, Julia Sparks, Michael Bartosewicz, and Grace Miller
Mentor(s): Jeff Felardo (Economics)
2016Kalamazoo CollegeJapanThe Role of Okinawan Identity in the Anti-base Protests
Student(s): Dalbyeol Bae, Hannah Berger, Emerson Brown and Frank Meyer
Mentor(s): Dennis Frost (Asian Studies)
2016Kenyon CollegePhilippinesThe Road Ahead: Navigating the Impact of Tourism on Igorot Youth in the Philippines
Student(s): Tristan Biber, Alexandra Hansen, Bradley Rainor and Camila Velasquez
Mentor(s): Sam Pack (Anthropology)
2016Monmouth CollegeSingaporeWellbeing in Singapore’s unique third places
Student(s): Kelci Foss, Stephanie Saey and Elizabeth Hippen
Mentor(s): Kristin Larson (Psychology)
2016Slippery Rock UniversityChinaClimate Change, Land Cover Dynamics and Land Access in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region
Student(s): Alexander Edmonds, Tyler Pollman, Nicholas Orbash, Victoria Yeager, Trevor Chambers and Luke Sherer
Mentor(s): Xianfeng Chen and Robert Livingston (Geography, Geology, and Environment)
2016Virginia Wesleyan UniversityChinaSaving China’s Cultural Heritage: Balancing Preservation and Development at Wutai Shan and the Yungang Grottoes
Student(s): Brian Hanna-Sauro, Nicholas Hipple, Victoria Laughlin, Ching Lee, Robert McComb and Alana Peters
Mentor(s): Steven Emmanuel (Philosophy) and Zizhong Wang (Computer Science)