Student-Faculty Fellows Participation Information and Waiver

Everyone participating in the ASIANetwork Student-Faculty Fellows program must complete this form and waiver.

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Waiver Form

ASIANetwork Freeman Student-Faculty Fellows Program

Participant Waiver

The undersigned, in applying for participation in the ASIANetwork Freeman Student-Faculty Fellows Program, hereby forever releases ASIANetwork and any officer, employee, director or agent thereof of and from any and all liability for any act or omission of any kind of character whatsoever and releases them from any costs, damages, and claims or assertions of any kind with respect to which I or my heirs, successors, or assigns may claim against them and specifically without limitation agree as follows:

I release the Program Director, ASIANetwork, and any employee, servant, agent, officer or director thereof, from any liability for injury to myself or any damage to or loss of my possessions caused by acts of omission of any hotels, carriers, fellow participants, restaurants, educational organizations, persons, groups, or organizations, including but not limited to ASIANetwork, their officers, employees, directors, agents or servants in connection with the work or study thereunder.

I have read the foregoing release and agreement and I accept the conditions stated therein.

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