Council of Advisors

Victoria Lyon Bestor (2017-2023)
Associate in Research
Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies
Harvard University

Timothy Cheek (2012-2021)
Institute of Asian Research
University of British Columbia

Lucien Ellington (2003-present)
Editor, Education about Asia
UC Foundation Professor of Education
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Terry Lautz (2011-2023)
Former Vice President of the Luce Foundation
Visiting Professor, Maxwell School
Syracuse University

Ian Jared Miller (2017-2023)
Professor, Department of History
Affiliate Professor, Department of History of Science
Harvard University

Sumathi Ramaswamy (2020-2023)
Professor of History
Duke University

Glenn Shive (2015-2021)
Executive Director
The Hong Kong-America Center

Kristin Stapleton (2018-2021)
Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
History Department
The University at Buffalo, SUNY