Strategic Plan and Goals (2017-2023)

ASIANetwork (AN) is a consortium of over 150 North American colleges that, recognizing the increasing interdependence of human societies, promotes the study of Asia and strengthens the role of Asian Studies in undergraduate liberal arts education.

Mission:  ASIANetwork encourages the study of Asian languages, societies, and cultures on member campuses and enables faculty and students to experience these cultures firsthand. AN facilitates interdisciplinary conversation to develop and strengthen Asian Studies programs and to foster collaboration among its members.

Vision:  ASIANetwork will provide insight, innovation, and leadership for the study of Asia in undergraduate liberal arts education.

Goal 1: AN will amplify its influence as the premier resource for liberal arts engagement with Asian Studies and the integration of Asian Studies content across the curriculum in higher education.

Goal 2: AN will offer significant opportunities for Asian Studies learning, research, and professional development for faculty and students at member institutions.

Goal 3: AN will publish, disseminate, and archive contemporary knowledge, scholarship, and pedagogy on Asia.

Goal 4: AN will provide innovative, collaborative, and inclusive program development opportunities for its members.

Goal 5: AN will broaden and deepen its services to an increasing number of  member colleges/organizations and their constituents.

Goal 6: AN will facilitate the implementation of Goals 1-5  through grants, endowments, and other sources of revenue.