Board of Directors Selection Process

Nominations for Board of Directors may be made on-line through the ASIANetwork website or by contacting the Board Chairperson.  Nominees should be from schools that have been members of ASIANetwork for at least one year, should have attended at least one ASIANetwork conference, and should not be from the same school as another current or recently retired Board member from the last three years.  Nominators should confirm a potential nominee’s willingness to be nominated before submitting the nomination.  Self-nominations are welcome.  Prior board members must wait three years before being nominated for another term.

Membership Diversity
With the goal of creating a diverse and representative Board of Directors, the Board takes various factors into consideration when putting forward a slate of nominees, including gender, age, and ethnic balance; board need; balance of geographic area of specialty and discipline; and geographic location of the nominee’s college.  

Term of Service
The nine board members serve staggered three-years terms with three retiring and three new board members each year.  The Executive Director serves as the tenth board members.  The prior year’s board chair serves in an ex officio capacity and also takes the minutes.

Election to the Board
Three new board members are elected in a vote by the ASIANetwork membership attending the business meeting held in conjunction with the spring annual conference.  A slate of nominees is presented at the business meeting and additional nominations are accepted from those in attendance.

Board Meeting Schedule and Participants
Board meetings are held twice a year, typically in September and on the Thursday and Friday of the annual conference in the spring.  In addition to the board members, the following people typically attend:  Development Team, Financial Officer, Information Officer, and Administrative Assistant.

Replacement of a Board Member
If a resignation occurs, a replacement will be nominated by the Executive Committee and, with the approval of the Board, be appointed to serve the unexpired term, beginning immediately.

 Board Chair and Vice-Chair
The Nominations Committee selects a nominee for Vice-Chair of the Board from the three members in their first year of service for presentation at the Fall Board meeting.  The current Vice-Chair becomes the Chair the following year.

Board members serve on multiple committees: Conference Program, Finance, Future Projects, Membership, Nominations, Personnel, and Publications.

During the three-year term on the board, expenses related to the fall and spring board meetings (travel, lodging and meals) are paid by ASIANetwork.