Asian Studies Consultant Program

The Asian Studies Consultant Program is a service available to ASIANetwork member institutions conducting formal program reviews or seeking outside advice on ways to strengthen the study of Asia on their campuses.


A consultant will advise an institution on the following:

  • Identifying faculty, library, and other institutional assets
  • Strengthening the community of Asianists on campus
  • Enriching the dialogue between college faculty and administrators
  • Coordinating institutional resources to strengthen Asian Studies on campus
  • Evaluating study abroad programs
  • Locating outside funding opportunities
  • Other related matters


ASIANetwork operates the Consultant Program as a service to its members. All arrangements are made between the consultant and the college, including transportation and the provision of an honorarium.


The Asian Studies Consultant Program, originally funded by the Henry Luce Foundation in 1994, has served 71 member colleges.

Contact Information

Gary DeCoker <>.