Disability in Asia Survey

When we study Asia and teach about it, are we paying enough attention to people with disabilities? Are we including their views and experiences in our research and teaching about Asia? Does our pedagogy reflect an understanding of the needs of our students with disabilities?

During the 2022 ASIANetwork conference, we will have Dr. Helen McCabe (Daemen College) as one of our keynote speakers. The title of her presentation will be “Cross-Cultural Collaboration in Education for Children with Autism: Experiences and Lessons Over the Years,” and it will be held at 8:00 pm on Friday, April 8.

The ASIANetwork Board of Directors would like to know if the topic of disability in Asian Studies is something our members would be interested in exploring further after the annual conference.

We would welcome and appreciate your input on this matter.

Do you have an interest in the topic “Disability in Asian Studies”?
Does your college have faculty who are specialists who look at Asia from the viewpoint of disability?
At your college, is there interest in faculty development around disability-oriented pedagogy?
Are you planning to attend the keynote presentation by Dr. Helen McCabe at 8:00 pm on Friday, April 8?
Would you be interested in joining Zoom presentations and discussions with scholars on this topic after the annual conference?
Would you be interested in participating in a Zoom book discussion group on the topic during spring/summer/fall 2022?
Would you be interested in participating in a working group that develops ideas for ASIANetwork programming related to “Disability in Asian Studies”?
Do you know of colleagues outside your college with interests or expertise in disability in Asia?