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ASIANetwork "Engaging India" Initiative


In 2021, ASIANetwork and the All India Association for Christian Higher Education (AIACHE) began working together toward opportunities for scholarly exchange and collaborative projects among their institutions, faculty, and students. Our goal is to facilitate connections to benefit student learning, professional development of educators, research and publishing, and international cooperation.

If you are interested in learning more or to participate in our projects, please contact ASIANetwork.

Sherry Mou and George Thadathil

Examples of projects undertaken:

  • An online session open to members of ASIANetwork and AIACHE to discuss potential partnerships in the sciences, humanities, and other areas
  • A conference roundtable to share perspectives on service-learning between Indian and U.S. institutions, and opportunities for collaborations
  • A collaboratively taught literature course bringing together student teams in online activities to discuss readings and learn about each others’ perspectives
  • A U.S.-based faculty member delivering a keynote address at a symposium held at an AIACHE college in Karnataka
  • A sabbatical residency at an AIACHE college to develop teaching materials and deliver a course module to Indian students
  • A collaborative grant proposal to create U.S.-Indian student teams to carry out biodiversity research at an Indian college during the summer

We invite expressions of interest in the following types of collaborations:

  • Guest seminars (hosted in U.S. or India)
  • Projects that engage U.S. and Indian faculty and students to learn about and help address social and environmental issues
  • Co-taught classes
  • Faculty development workshops
  • Comparative work related to social justice, climate change, public health, community and public engagement.
  • Disciplines and fields such as humanities, social sciences, field- and laboratory-based natural sciences, business, information technology, health fields.

How to get involved: