Engaging South Asia Interest Survey

In February 2021, ASIANetwork signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the All India Association for Christian Higher Education (AIACHE), a consortium of several hundred colleges across India. George Thadathil, AIACHE president, attended a number of ASIANetwork conferences and co-led an ASIANetwork faculty development program in 2019. On behalf of the ASIANetwork Board of Directors, Dan Choffnes visited with AIACHE leadership at their New Delhi headquarters, which includes offices, private quarters, classrooms, dormitories, and conference space. Subsequent fruitful discussions led to the signing of the MoU.

The MoU outlines possibilities for cooperation between AN and AIACHE member colleges and universities that could benefit faculty and students. For ASIANetwork member colleges, AN would serve as an intermediary, facilitating connections that could be pursued by individual or groups of AN colleges. Specifically mentioned in the agreement are:

  • Student/faculty/administrative staff exchange programs
  • Faculty development programs
  • Educational and cultural tours
  • Academic programs
  • E-resources and online courses
  • Conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Research projects
  • Publications

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