Past Student-Faculty Fellows

2022Lewis & Clark CollegeNepal
2022San Diego State UniversityIndonesia
2019Coastal Carolina UniversityJapanExperiencing Virtual Sacred Spaces: Designing an immersive virtual exploration platform for the Shikoku Pilgrimage in Japan
Student(s): Jacob Brine, Shonte Clement, Luke Rutherford, Anna Varick Clayton, Kasey Charette and Wyatt Beard
Mentor(s): Ronald S. Green, Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Susan Bergeron, Associate Professor of Geography
2019College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's UniversityChinaCultural Identity and Sustainable Future: A Case Study of Two Heritage Towns in China
Student(s): Ian Bush, Runmin Geng, Cameron Odden, Meghan Reeves
Mentor(s): Sophia Geng, Associate Professor of China Studies
2019North Central CollegeChinaUnderstanding China through the Classic Novel Hóng lóu mèng
Student(s): Sophie Juhlin, Andrea Du, Aiden Schadt, Madeline Derango, and Juliet Mathey
Mentor(s): Jinai Sun, Assistant Professor of Chinese and Stuart Patterson, Visiting Associate Professor and Chair of the Shimer Great Books School
2019Slippery Rock UniversityForest Fire Management in Rural Yunnan, China
Student(s): Phil Abegg, Anna Burtch, Haley Hartenstine, Corinne Rockefeller, Corrina Yobp
Mentor(s): Jialing Wang and Stentor Danielson, Associate Professors of Geography, Geology, and the Environment
2019Union CollegeChinaBetween State and Populace, Chasing the China Dream
Student(s): Trevor Atkins, Jeremy Rausch, Meghan Reilly
Mentor(s): Megan M. Ferry, Professor of Chinese and Chair of Modern Languages and Literatures Department
2019University of FindlayJapanRural Communities in Japan: Challenges, Revitalization Strategies, and Future
Student(s): Valerie Jacksack, Garrett Brown
Mentor(s): Hiroaki Kawamura, Associate Professor of Japanese
2018Carleton CollegeChinaAncient Music in a Globalized World: Documentation of Nanyin Preservation in Quanzhou, Fujian
Student(s): Augustus Holley, Yiqing Yu, and Lia Spencer
Mentor(s): Gao Hong, Director of Carleton Chinese Music Ensemble
2018Dickinson CollegeChinaThe “Stay-Behinds”: Village Labor and Sustainability in the New Era of Migration in Rural China
Student(s): Jingwen Zhang, Rachel Gross, Muhajir Lesure, Pema Lhamo Tashi, Meaghan Emily McBride, Alex Bossakov
Mentor(s): Alex Bossakov, Ann Maxwell Hill (Anthropology) and Susan D. Rose (Sociology)
2018Gettysburg CollegeSingaporeCultural Representation in Tourism: Alignment and Diversion
Student(s): Xiunan Yu, Jesse Shircliff, Brianna Costira, and Meira Ruben
Mentor(s): Voon Chin Phua (Sociology)
2018Monmouth CollegeIndonesiaUse of a Landscape Approach to Measure and Mitigate the Effects of Deforestation in Sumatra, Indonesia
Student(s): Jonathan Cunningham, Shane Herkert, Emma Johanns, and Kathryn Saulcy
Mentor(s): James S. Godde (Biology)
2018Roanoke CollegeSouth KoreaStrangers in Their Imagined Motherland: North Korean Refugees in South Korea
Student(s): Anna Mari Ford, Brittney Ann Rowe, Carolyn Marie Marciniec, Phantesa Omenza Cri Amote Ingram, Alexander Pelletier, and Emily Costello
Mentor(s): Whitney Leeson (Anthropology) and Stella Yingzi Xu (History)
2018Seattle UniversityVietnamSustainable Coffee: Building a Coffee Community with a Global Mindset for Environmental and Social Justice
Student(s): Braden Wild, Samantha Henry, Grace Jovanovic, Linh Bui, Don-Thuan Le, and Danielle Alday
Mentor(s): Quan Le (Economics) and Le X. Hy (Psychology)
2018Slippery Rock UniversityChinaThe Development and Benchmarking of Contemporary Sustainability Indicators for Rural Ethnic Chinese Villages: A Case Study of the Social, Economic, and Ecological Issues of Two Gelao Villages Near Chongqing Municipality
Student(s): Marshall Tuten, Marlee Theil, Aisha Aldubayan, and Thomas Fibian
Mentor(s): John Golden (Business) and Li Pu (Communication)
2018College of IdahoThailandRefugee Narratives along the Thai-Myanmar Border: Bringing the Dara’ang Out of Obscurity
Student(s): Kennedy Alvaro, Hannah DalSoglio, Kaytlyn Marcotte, Gavin McCaw, and Marine Vieille
Mentor(s): Robert Dayley (Political Economy) and Alice Vinson(Art)
2018College of New JerseyJapanGender, food and disaster recovery: Women’s food cooperatives as sites of recovery following the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake of 2011
Student(s): Yani Aldrich, Jason Sagalow; Annette Giacobbe, and Jordan Gonzalez
Mentor(s): Holly Didi-Ogren (Anthropology)
2018University of the SouthChinaCitizen Monitoring of Water Pollution in China
Student(s): Jasmine Huang, Wint Myat Thu, Caroline Wright, Alyssa Marie Holley, and Magdelene Isabel Smith
Mentor(s): Scott Howard Wilson (Politics) and Deborah McGrath (Biology)
2017Guilford CollegeChinaThe Effects of Centralized Boarding Schools on Tibetan Families in Shangri-la
Student(s): Anna Kelly, Billie Dunn-McMartin, and Christopher Collins
Mentor(s): Eric Mortensen (Religious Studies)
2017Hope CollegeChinaSocial Inclusion and (Dis-)Ability in China: Community-based Service Provision
Student(s): Kylie DeKryger, Abby Duran, Maria Garcia, and Gabbi Werner
Mentor(s): Dennis Feaster, Assistant Professor of Social Work
2017Lewis & Clark CollegeCambodiaLoans that Change Lives: Interrogating Microcredit in Cambodia
Student(s): Andrea Blobel Pérez, Peter Bradley, and Lacey Jacoby
Mentor(s): Maryann Bylander (Sociology)
2017Mayville State UniversityJapanThe future of the back roads and little farm towns in an urbanizing Asia: A case study exploring cultural change in the rural communities of Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
Student(s): Cherokee Durant, Cheyenne Durant, Ingrid Hefta, Megan Maassel, Nicholas Peterson, and Donte Stevens
Mentor(s): Aaron Kingsbury (Geography and Political Science) and Lonamalia Smith (Sociology)
2017Saint Mary's College, Notre DameNepalJust Water? Exploring biological and social determinants of public health in Kathmandu, Nepal
Student(s): Emily Castro, Victoria Chandler, Adrian Milos, and Julie Weilbaker
Mentor(s): Laura Elder (Anthropology) and Reena Lamichhane-Khadka (Biology)
2017Warren Wilson CollegeChinaResearching and Learning about Northern Chinese Farming Practices
Student(s): Matthew Olson, Alexis LaValliere, Larissa Robinov, Julia Rose Bruce
Mentor(s): Dongping Han (Political Science)
2017Washington & Jefferson CollegeChinaSenior Care in China: Successes and challenges of senior care facilities
Student(s): Katherine Campbell, Capri Backus, and Kyle Carroll
Mentor(s): Ye Han (Chinese)
2016Beloit CollegeJapanWar and Peace: Museums and the Construction of Collective Memory
Student(s): Emma Dawson, Sarah Herendeen, Jasmine Vasquez, Sasha Feinberg, Emma Mooney and Mieke Miller
Mentor(s): Joy Beckman (Art History) and Susan Furukawa (Japanese)
2016Colby CollegeChinaNew Museum Culture in Contemporary Beijing
Student(s): Wilder Davies, Nellie Lavalle, Lynna Lei, Ling Maclean, Shauna Yuan and Jacob (Zhicheng) Zhang
Mentor(s): Mariola Alvarez and Ankeney Weitz (Art)
2016Earlham CollegeChinaThe Relationship between Family Planning and Migrant Labor in China
Student(s): Jacob Daniel Breen, Jacob Ebbs, Truman McGee, Hao Mai Hoan Nguyen, Dante Petti, and Elizabeth Swomley
Mentor(s): Rajaram Krishnan (Economics) Peng Yu (Politics)
2016Eckerd CollegeThailandLocal Forest Use and the Feasibility of Carbon Credit Programs in Kam Cha i, Thailand
Student(s): Robert Musci, Julia Sparks, Michael Bartosewicz, and Grace Miller
Mentor(s): Jeff Felardo (Economics)
2016Kalamazoo CollegeJapanThe Role of Okinawan Identity in the Anti-base Protests
Student(s): Dalbyeol Bae, Hannah Berger, Emerson Brown and Frank Meyer
Mentor(s): Dennis Frost (Asian Studies)
2016Kenyon CollegePhilippinesThe Road Ahead: Navigating the Impact of Tourism on Igorot Youth in the Philippines
Student(s): Tristan Biber, Alexandra Hansen, Bradley Rainor and Camila Velasquez
Mentor(s): Sam Pack (Anthropology)
2016Monmouth CollegeSingaporeWellbeing in Singapore’s unique third places
Student(s): Kelci Foss, Stephanie Saey and Elizabeth Hippen
Mentor(s): Kristin Larson (Psychology)
2016Slippery Rock UniversityChinaClimate Change, Land Cover Dynamics and Land Access in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region
Student(s): Alexander Edmonds, Tyler Pollman, Nicholas Orbash, Victoria Yeager, Trevor Chambers and Luke Sherer
Mentor(s): Xianfeng Chen and Robert Livingston (Geography, Geology, and Environment)
2016Virginia Wesleyan UniversityChinaSaving China’s Cultural Heritage: Balancing Preservation and Development at Wutai Shan and the Yungang Grottoes
Student(s): Brian Hanna-Sauro, Nicholas Hipple, Victoria Laughlin, Ching Lee, Robert McComb and Alana Peters
Mentor(s): Steven Emmanuel (Philosophy) and Zizhong Wang (Computer Science)
2015Augustana CollegeJapanThe Changing Dynamics of A Japanese Company Amid the Globalizing Business Environment: A Case Study of Hitachi Construction Machinery Company
Student(s): Shawna Ables’17, Stephanie Drago’15, Sarah Funke’17, Trang Ho’17, Gage Meyers’17, Emily Stanevicius’16
Mentor(s): Ann Ericson (Business Administration) and Mari Nagase (World Languages, Literature, and Cultures)
2015Luther CollegeChinaHeto: A Northern Chinese Village in the Process of Urbanization
Student(s): Kaitlyn Fillmore’15, James Foster’16, Travis Houle’15, Rachel Johnson’17, Sophis Ristau’15, John Rosenwinkel ‘16
Mentor(s): Hongmei Yu (Modern Languages, Literatures and Linguistics) and Stratis Giannakouros (Environmental Studies)
2015Maryville CollegeNepalMicro-credit and Rural Development: The Importance of Credit Cooperatives to Small Scale Entrepreneurs in Rural Nepal
Student(s): Tyler Jones’15, Eric Lipka’16, Caitlyn Myers’15, Taylor Rigatti’16
Mentor(s): Shankar Ghimire (Social Science)
2015McDaniel CollegeChinaOwnership and Entrepreneurship in the Tiehua Industry: Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics 1992-2014
Student(s): Kent Hu’15, Greg Laslo’15, Zoie McNeil’17, Andrew Roberts’16, Aaron Sampson’17, Carly Weetman’16
Mentor(s): Qin Fang (History) and Kevin McIntyre (Economics and Business Administration)
2015Southwestern UniversityChinaEnvironmental Problems, Awareness and Solutions in Tibetan Populated Areas of Qinghai Province (China)
Student(s): Adrienne Dodd’15, Hunter Jurgens’17
Mentor(s): Patricia Schiaffini (Modern Languages and Literatures)
2015St. Olaf CollegeChinaA Tale of Two Eco-Cities: Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Urban Development
In Tianjin and Qingdao, China

Student(s): Jacob Caswell’17, Nathalie Kenny’16, Cameron Rylander’16
Mentor(s): Ka Wong (Asian Studies)
2015SUNY, New PaltzChinaUrban Farms in Chongqing, China: Examining the opportunities and Challenges of Food Production in the City
Student(s): Marian Chen’15, Melissa Iachetta’15, Aidan Mabey’17, Kevin McGill, Joanne Zhao’16
Mentor(s): Melissa Yang Rock and Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro (Geography)
2015Trinity UniversityVietnamEffects of Declining International Aid on NGO HIV/AIDS Program in Vietnam
Student(s): Dima Alhourani’16, Dana McLaughlin’17, Faith Ozer’15, Nikita Viswasam’15
Mentor(s): Alfred Montoya (Sociology and Anthropology)
2014Augustana CollegeChinaEmerging Concern over Urban Air Pollution in China: Opportunities and Challenges for Civil Society
Student(s): Mason Broxham ’14, Emma Cox ’16, Jessica Flondro ’14, Anh Hoang ’14, Peter Siepiora ’16, Aubrey Waddick ‘16
Mentor(s): David Dehnel & Xiaowen Zhang, Political Science
2014Belmont UniversityChinaCommodification of China’s New Cultural Industry
Student(s): Anna Croghan ’16, Samantha Hubner ’16, Joseph Minga ’16, John Pino ‘15
Mentor(s): Qingjun Li, Foreign Languages
2014Beloit CollegeVietnamCommunity Tourism and Sustainable Development in Mai Chau, Vietnam
Student(s): Margaret Cress ’15, Jon Hammon ’15, Hilary Walker, ’15, Wenxin Xu ’15
Mentor(s): Diep Phan, Economics
2014Benedictine UniversityChinaInsect Pollinators in China: Survey of the Main Characters and Exploration of Floral Cues
Student(s): Elizabeth Do ’14, Bichnu Le ’14, Firdous Moin ’15, Kyle Turcic ’14, Sivaranjini Velanthottukoottale ‘14
Mentor(s): Steven Day (Chinese) and Cheryl Heinz (Biological Sciences)
2014Chatham UniversityTaiwanCreative Entrepreneurialism, Relationship Networks, and Family Dynamics: A Study of Women-Led Hospitality Businesses in Regional Hubs of Taiwan
Student(s): Chloe Bell ’16, Diana Cabrera ’17, Ashley Henry ’14, Kristina Hruska ’16, Sook Yee Leung ’14, Rachel McNorton ‘14
Mentor(s): Karen Kingsbury (International Studies) and Charlotte Lott (Business and Entrepreneurship)
2014Davidson CollegeChinaSustainable Patterns of Food Production and Consumption in China
Student(s): Thomas DeMarzo ’17, Antonia Giles ’16, Karen Xiaoyun Liu, 14, John Murphy ’16, Lucy Sexton ’16, Elizabeth Stevens ‘16
Mentor(s): Eriberto P. Lozada Jr.(Anthropology) and Jeff Mittelstadt (Sustainability)
2014Monmouth CollegeBorneoUse of Low-Cost Methods to Gauge the Biodiversity of Logged vs. Unlogged Rainforests in Borneo
Student(s): Theo Bloom ’16, Maxwell Holle ’15, Kaitlyn Miller ’15, Alanna Trettin ‘16
Mentor(s): James Godde, Biology
2014Washington & Jefferson CollegeChina, JapanThe Green Practices of Automakers in China and Japan
Student(s): Naomi Bick ’16, Conor Crowe ’15, Hannah Hill ’16, Jake Meyers ‘15, Emma Russell ’16, Maxwell Thomas ‘15
Mentor(s): Robert East (Environmental Studies and Biology) and Yongsheng Wang (Economics)
2013Baldwin Wallace UniversityChinaIndividual Projects: Internet Censorship, Chinese Christians’ Views on Environment and Economy, and China’s Urban Demolition and Relocation Management Policies
Student(s): Erin Amschlinger ’14, Sundous Eddeb ’13, Paul Krause ’15, Daniela Muhaj ’14
Mentor(s): Xudong Chen, Economics
2013Carleton CollegeTaiwan, SingaporeTemple Music in the Chinese Diaspora: Exploration and Preservation
Student(s): Kim Bauer ’13, Yawen Chen, ’15, Joseph Concannon, ’13
Mentor(s): Gao Hong Dice, Music
2013Concordia CollegeSouth KoreaPrintmaking and Related Media in South Korea
Student(s): Turi Anderson ’14, Lauren Johnson ’14, Cheryl Lussky ’14, Bridget Medbery ’13, Jenna Morris ’15, Solveig Swenson ‘14
Mentor(s): Heidi Goldberg & Susan Lee, Art
2013DePauw UniversityMongoliaIndividual Student Research Projects focused upon the Alashan Region of Inner Mongolia
Student(s): Jeffrey Craig ’15, Jason Grullon ’15, Janelle Lyons ’14, Phua Xiong ‘14
Mentor(s): Sherry Jenq-yunn Mou, Modern Languages & Asian Studies
2013Green Mountain CollegeThailandThailand’s Environmental Development
Student(s): Kristen Friedel ’14, Titania Green ’15, Nicholas Ravotti ’14, Luz Guel ‘15
Mentor(s): Sam Edwards, Environmental Law & Policy
2013Hamline UniversityIndonesiaThe Dynamics of Change in a Toraja Village, Indonesia
Student(s): Richmond Fiksdal ’14, Melanie Nomura, ’13
Mentor(s): Elizabeth Coville, Anthropology
2013Hanover CollegeChinaPhysical and Philosophical Daoism: A Study of Taijiquan
Student(s): Slaton Blickman ’15, Tylor Cunningham ’14, Elizabeth Hartman ’13, Timothy Reidy IV ‘13
Mentor(s): Aimin Shen, Philosophy
2013John Carroll UniversityTibet‘Wild West’: Crossing Borders on the Sino-Tibetan Frontier
Student(s): Andrew Dockery ’16, Alexandra Ehrett ’16, Brenton Mineo ’13, Sarah Pawlaczyk ‘15
Mentor(s): Paul Nietupski, Theology and Religious Studies
2013LeMoyne CollegeThailandCultural Sustainability across the Generation Gap in Northern Thailand
Student(s): Leon Cominsky ’13, Emily Powers ’13, Frank Sapere ’14, Kelsey Woodrick ‘13
Mentor(s): Deborah Tooker, Anthropology, Criminology & Sociology
2013Marietta CollegeThailandSustainable Shrimp Farming in Surat Thani, Thailand
Student(s): Alina Keilbasa ’15, Taylor Landrie ’13, Eric Miranda-Marin ’15, Malisa Spring ‘14
Mentor(s): David Brown, Biology and Environmental Science
2013University of LouisvilleMalaysiaMalaysia: The State of Suspension: Refugee Life in Absentia of Global Norms and Models for Resolution
Student(s): Meagan Floyd ’13, Michael Zeller ‘13
Mentor(s): Jason Abbott, Political Science
2013University of Wisconsin-Eau ClaireCambodiaThe Monk’s Community Forest: Biodiversity and Ethnobotany in a Cambodian REDD Project
Student(s): Breana Meyer ’14, Kelsey Pischke ’13, Joel Smith ’13, Joseph Weirich ‘13
Mentor(s): Deborah Freund, Biology
2013Valparaiso UniversityChinaThe Shanghai Jewish Refugees: History and Commemoration
Student(s): Kaley Buck ’14, Angela Elliott ’13, Aura Harper-Smith ’15, Peter Keim ’13, Jonathan Mack ’14, Trace Ostergren ‘15
Mentor(s): Kevin Ostoyich & Yun Xia, History
2012Benedictine UniversityChina“Modern Beauties, Marriage Markets, and Emergent Individualism in Contemporary Chinese Society”
Student(s): Adam Baldocchi, ’12, Kathleen Thomas, ’12 Shelby Workman, ’13
Mentor(s): Steven Day (Language and Literature)
2012Colby CollegeChina“Redefining Old Age and Eldercare: Stories from China”
Student(s): Petya Andreeva, ’13, Bette Ha, ’14, Eliza Laamoon, ’13, Fiona Masland, ’12, Jennifer Tsang, ’13
Mentor(s): Hong Zhang (East Asian Studies)
2012College of CharlestonThailand, Cambodia“Savages, Victims, Saviors and Their Engagement in Neoliberal Processes”
Student(s): Elizabeth Figliola, ’13, Susannah Hicks, ’12, Lua Parsi, ’12, Tara Schiraldi, ’12, Liza Wood, ’13
Mentor(s): Helen Delfeld (Political Science)
2012Green Mountain CollegeChina“Environmental Memory at the Edge of Empire”
Student(s): Jessica McClusky, ’12, Alison Putnam, ’13, Jena Stevens, ’13, Simon Winchell-Manning, ’13, Charlotte Wright, ’13
Mentor(s): Mark Dailey (Anthropology)
2012Linfield CollegeThailand“Governing the Stateless: New Perspectives on the Plight of Burmese Refugees in Thailand”
Student(s): Morgan Christianson, ’13, Bridget Grant,’13, Kole Kracaw, ’13, Leanne McCallum, ’13, William McHenry, ’13
Mentor(s): Michael Patrick Cottrell (Political Science)
2012Loras CollegeChina“Buddhism and Christianity in Post-Mao China: Case Studies of Lingyin Temple and Chongyi Church, Hangzhou, China”
Student(s): Shanae Kemen, ’13, Stephanie Schulze, ’13, Colleen Sullivan, ’13, Shanshan Zhu, ’13
Mentor(s): Lee S. Zhu (History)
2012Roanoke CollegeChina“Reinvented Tradition in the Age of Globalization: The Silk Road and its Legacy in Contemporary China”
Student(s): Thomas Emerson, ’14, Zachary Hottel, ’12, Mathilda Nassa, ’15, Kathleen Chenya Ouyang, ’13
Mentor(s): Stella Yingzi Xu (History)
2012St. Mary’s College of MarylandJapan“Ceremony, Theatricality, Festivity, and Festivals: The Gion Festival of Kyoto, Japan”
Student(s): Jemarc-Van Ruiz Axinto, ’14, Samuel DiDonato, ’14, Jean Drzyzgula, ’13, Frances Pierce, ’13, Elizabeth Porter, ’14
Mentor(s): Holly Ann Blumner (Theater, Film and Media Studies)
2012St. Olaf CollegeChina“Sustainable Development in Northwestern China: Relationships between Water and People”
Student(s): Daniel Habesland, ’13, Virginia Ma, ’12, Olivia Schares, ’12, Matt Venker, ’12
Mentor(s): Xun Zhang Pomponio (Economics)
2012University of Wisconsin-Eau ClaireChina“The China Hmong History Research Project”
Student(s): Der Lee, ’14, Becky Vang, ’14, Nou Vue, ’14, Choua Xiong, ’14, Chee Yang, ’14
Mentor(s): Ezra Zeitler (Geography)
2012Valparaiso UniversityChina“The Dynamics of Nutrient Exchange and Reduction of Nutrient Loading in Aquatic Ecosystems”
Student(s): Kelly Belisle, ’14, Tim Brown, ’12, Adam Dickey, ’13, Laura Mattson, ’14, Caitlin Soley, ’13
Mentor(s): Jonathan Schoer (Chemistry)
2012Vassar CollegeChina“Attitudes and Practices of Beijing Residents Regarding Sustainability in Their Choice of Foods, Transportation and Home Appliances”
Student(s): Jiayi Bao, ’14, Emily Denn, ’14, Zachary Kent, ’13, Gaelin Monkman-Kotz, ’12, Michael Norton, ’14
Mentor(s): Yu Zhou (Geography)
2012Warren Wilson CollegeIndonesia“Unveiling the Mysteries of Aceh: Local and Global Intersections of Women’s Agency”
Student(s): Annie Pryor, ’13, Elizabeth Miano, ’12, Breanna Ryan, ’14
Mentor(s): Siti Kusujiarti (Sociology)
2012Washington & Jefferson CollegeChina“The Impact of Recent Labor Shortages in China”
Student(s): McKenzie Graf, ’13, Alexander Smith, ’13, Savannah Sprowls, ’13, Aaron Szafran, ’13
Mentor(s): Yongsheng Wang (Economics)
2011Bard College at Simon’s RockChinaOf Fengshui and Fengshuilin
Student(s): Joelle Chevrier, Maeve Dwyer, Lindsey Longway, Michael Xu
Mentor(s): Christopher Coggins
2011Carleton CollegeChinaIndividual Student Research Projects in the city of Chengdu and in Yunnan Province
Student(s): Josiah Burns, Nora Driscoll, Rose Hyson, Yer Yang, Herman Zheng
Mentor(s): Hong Zeng
2011Carthage CollegeChinaTraditional Medicine in Contemporary Beijing
Student(s): Samuel Haswell, Kala Istvanek, Scolastica Njoroge, John Tackes III
Mentor(s): Dan Choffnes
2011Coastal Carolina UniversityJapanHistory in Service of the Nation: Historical Remembrance of Japanese Imperialism in South Korea
Student(s): Amanda Kraft, Jeffery Robinson, Hans Sapochek, Rebekah Thomas, Laura Whitefield–Smith
Mentor(s): Brandon Palmer
2011College of IdahoThailandTangerine Dreams: The Local Effects of Liberalizing Thai–China Trade
Student(s): Morgan Bow Hanson, Alexandra Grande, Christoph Kober, Nicole Watson
Mentor(s): Robert Dayley
2011DePauw UniversityMongoliaA Disappearing Legacy and an Emerging Perspective: The Sound and Scenery of the Inner Mongolian Steppe
Student(s): Betty Jin Jin Cao, Christopher Granger, Tavian Lucas, Stefan O’Neil, Seth Tsui
Mentor(s): Sherry Jenq–yunn Mou
2011Drew UniversityChinaNot One Less: A Case Study of Mandatory Education for Rural and Minority Girls in China
Student(s): Emilyn Aguilar, Megan Cofresi, Jessica Cooney, Melaina Fraboni
Mentor(s): Bai Di
2011McDaniel CollegeChinaHammering Art in Iron: Wuhu Tiehua (1670s–2010)
Student(s): Dani Allen, Scott Camuto, Brooke Freeland, Monika Lemke, Yichong Li
Mentor(s): Qin Fang
2011Swarthmore CollegeChinaPilgrimage to Shanxi Historical Villages: Making Connections to the Past and Comparisons to China’s Urban Future
Student(s): Tiffany Barron, Emma Saarel, Eugenia Sokolskaya, Abigail Starr, Rebecca Teng
Mentor(s): Lala Zuo
2011University of FindlayJapanSearch for Ethnic and National Identity among Contemporary Japanese: Through the Window of Kyosei (Coexistence)
Student(s): Caitlin Adkins, Shawna McAllister, Craig White
Mentor(s): Hiroaki Kawamura
2011University of San DiegoChinaIndependent Student Research in Beijing, Tianjin and Xian
Student(s): Elishia Appleton, Michael Lu, Chelsea Sosnowski
Mentor(s): Yi Sun
2011University of Wisconsin-WhitewaterJapanIndependent Student Research in Nagasaki and the Unzen Volcanic Area of Japan
Student(s): Rhiannon LaVine, Heather McFarlin, Scott Nussbaum, Monica Wilson
Mentor(s): Marjorie Rhine
2011Webster UniversityJapanJapan’s Youth: Disaster and Rebuilding for a Common Future
Student(s): Lena DeBold–Clem, Miranda Guiles, Kristen Paxton, Cory Schmidt, Rebecca Serfass
Mentor(s): Roy Tamashiro
2010Carleton CollegeJapan, China, KoreaAncient Melodies: Temple Music in Kyoto, Seoul, and Beijing
Student(s): Andrew Terwilliger, Ava Navasero, Shao Min Tan
Mentor(s): Gao Hong Dice
2010College of Saint Benedict & Saint John's UniversityChinaThe Storytelling Tradition of Geng Village
Student(s): Shazreh Ahmed, Abbie Helminen, Katlynn Nelson, Taylor Peterson, Philip Whitcomb
Mentor(s): Zhihui Sophia Geng
2010College of Saint Benedict & Saint John's UniversityNepalIndependent Student Research in Nepal
Student(s): Elizabeth Carroll-Anderson, Megan Kack, Sarah Mahowald, JessicanNajarian, Jamie Utzinger
Mentor(s): Gar Kellom
2010Davidson CollegeMalaysiaGlobalization and Localization of Chinese Malaysian Religiosity
Student(s): Zachary Herron, Brian Leahy, Whitney Webb
Mentor(s): Hun Y. Lye
2010Drake UniversityChinaBaling Hou (Post 80’s) Identity and Consumption in Urban China
Student(s): Carly Hurley, Tyler O’Neil, Sheng Peng, Kathleen Stephenson, Xian Zhang
Mentor(s): Darcie Vandegrift
2010Hobart and William Smith CollegesIndiaIndependent Student Research on Traditional Tibetan Art in Dharmsala
Student(s): Alyson Feldman-Piltch, Yanli Guo, Margaret Horner, Rashid Perkins, Andrew Upton
Mentor(s): Tenzin Yignyen
2010Hope CollegeJapanJazz in Japan: Music, Community and Culture
Student(s): Larry Figueroa, Zachary Pedigo, Nathaniel Roberts, David Webster
Mentor(s): Robert Hodson
2010Kenyon CollegeVietnamDigital Repatriation in Vietnam
Student(s): Michael Eblin, Eliza Leavitt, Jean Mougin, Carrie Walther, Said Zahga
Mentor(s): Sam Pack
2010Lawrence UniversityPhilippinesAn Assessment of Cave Bats and Cave Resource Use on Siquijor Island, Philippines
Student(s): Thomas Coben, Paul Senner
Mentor(s): Jodi Sedlock
2010Susquehanna UniversityNepalStreet Children in Nepal
Student(s): Christina Harrington, Stephen Hyde, Garth Libhart, Blake Mosser
Mentor(s): Ranchana Sachdev
2010University of Wisconsin-Eau ClaireCambodiaThe Effects of Agrochemicals on Biodiversity in Cambodian Rice Paddies
Student(s): Katrina Jacobs, Andrew Ludvik, Christopher Maierhofer, Brian Pauley, Kathryn Prince
Mentor(s): Deborah Freund
2010Willamette UniversityChinaShamanic Rituals and Symbols in Yi Folk Culture
Student(s): Kali Bonife, Morgan Faricy, Audrey Hirschberger, Heather Hurlburt, Matthew Satterthwaite
Mentor(s): Sijuan Zhou
2009Agnes Scott CollegeChinaTo Save or Not to Save: The Challenge Facing China
Student(s): Kelley Bledsoe Tiye Glover Asalwe Edwige Tia Qian Zhang
Mentor(s): Li Qi
2009Coastal Carolina UniversityJapanKansai and Kyushu: Roots and Routes of China-Korea-Japan Interconnections
Student(s): Yelena Ninichuk Victoria Poston Mikkenna Woods
Mentor(s): Miglena Ivanova
2009College of William and MaryJapanFoodways and Daily Ritual Practice in Contemporary Japan
Student(s): Samuel Davis Jeffrey DeMars, Jr. Christopher Pugliese Nathaniel Revere Loretta Scott
Mentor(s): Tomoko Hamada Connolly
2009Edgewood CollegeChinaLocal Identity and Change in 21st-Century Suzhou: A Multidisciplinary Perspective
Student(s): Kellian Hartshorn Renee Hartshorn Patrick Meuer Ruthie Rolfsmeyer Zachary Uher
Mentor(s): Jinxing Chen
2009Hope CollegeJapanThe Role of Non-Profit Organizations in Providing Elderly Care in Japan
Student(s): Karianne Bechtel Amanda Bruff David Dethmers Alexander Krieg Lindsay TerHaar
Mentor(s): Roger Nemeth
2009Lake Forest CollegeChinaChina through Students’ Eyes: Three Case Studies of China’s Economic and Educational Development
Student(s): David Esturain Ryan Glowacz Caitlin Smith Ian Tinley Kylie Trotman
Mentor(s): Shiwei Chen
2009Linfield CollegeJapanLessons Learned from Looking Inside the Classroom: A Study of Middle School Mathematics Education in Japan
Student(s): Marissa Davis Amy Shoemaker
Mentor(s): Nancy Drickey
2009Macalester CollegeChinaIndependent Student Research on Visual Art in China
Student(s): Eartha Bell Myoungah Park Pei-hsuan Wang
Mentor(s): Gary Erickson
2009St. Olaf CollegeJapanNational Memories in Action: Peace and Nationalist Museums in Japan
Student(s): Katherine Abell Benjamin McNeill Kelsy Manninga Amanda Wright
Mentor(s): Katherine Tegtmeyer Pak
2009Swarthmore CollegeChinaLiving Near the Central Power: Government Policy and the Realities of Life in Contemporary Beijing
Student(s): Miyuki Baker William Lin Amanda Morrison Mary Prager Benjamin Yelsey
Mentor(s): Hongyu Huang
2009University of EvansvilleSouth KoreaThe Dynamics of the Changing U.S. Image in South Korea: A Study of South Korean College Students’ Perceptions of the U.S.
Student(s): Kelly Cyr Maria Gahan Marissa Mitchell
Mentor(s): Young-Choul Kim
2009University of Wisconsin-Eau ClaireVietnamLinking Landscape Recovery and Land-Use Patterns to Disturbances Associated with the Second Indochina War: Khe Sanh, Vietnam
Student(s): Justin Berg Thomas Koehler
Mentor(s): Joseph Hupy
2009Warren Wilson CollegeChinaResearching the Impact of Globalization on Rural China
Student(s): Elizabeth Green Allison Hoyman-Browe Sean Moffit Anna Petrie
Mentor(s): Dongping Han
2009Willamette UniversityJapanThree Separate Papers on How the Memory of World War II in the Pacific is Constructed in Japan
Student(s): Jennifer Fujita Caitlin Godwin Chelsea Robinson Amy Wada
Mentor(s): Miho Fujiwara
2008Bard CollegeTibetStriving for Cultural Authenticity Amid a Confluence of Civilizations: Tibetan Communities of Aba (Sichuan Province) and Diqing (Yunnan Province)
Student(s): David Duckler, Eun Hae Kim, Quinn Olbrich
Mentor(s): Li-hua Ying
2008Earlham CollegeSingaporeImmigrants in Singapore: A Study of Connections, Class, and Country
Student(s): Kim Hardy, Jonathan Jenner, Virgil Looney, Lukas Manka
Mentor(s): Rajaram Krishnan
2008Eckerd CollegeChinaIndividual Research Projects
Student(s): Suzanne Simpson, Galway B. Traynor, Christina Marie Welter
Mentor(s): Andrew Chittick
2008Kenyon CollegeChinaChina in Transition – Individual Projects
Student(s): Alexander Gladston, Amanda Harris, Paige Markham, Andrew Stein, Jerry Stewart
Mentor(s): Jie Zhang
2008Loras CollegeChinaChinese Towns in the Past and Present
Student(s): Christopher Bodane, Andrew Border, Nickolas Helten, Erin Horst
Mentor(s): Lee S. Zhu
2008Maryville CollegeChinaProsperity and Preservation: The Impact of Globalization on Rural China and Minorities
Student(s): Amanda Brooks, Whitney Downing, Cory Everett, Ally Ketron, Josh Phillips
Mentor(s): Scott Henson
2008St. Mary’s College of MarylandJapanStudying Traditional Japanese Theatre
Student(s): Kathryn Miller, Zachary Pajak, Ian Prince, Rachel Reckling, Judith Sellner
Mentor(s): Holly Ann Blumner
2008St. Norbert CollegeJapan100 Faces of Japanese Women: How Japanese Women and Bigaku (The Japanese Sense of Beauty) are Portrayed in Japanese Pop Culture (Manga and Anime) and Traditional Japanese Theater (Kabuki and Noh)
Student(s): Alyssa Beyer, Katlyn Jaeger, Deziree Larson, Paul McEnaney
Mentor(s): Ikuko Torimoto
2008Union CollegeJapanStreet Fashion: Rebellion against Traditional Gender Roles?
Student(s): Emily Brunelle, Jasmine Maldonado, Nozomi Sakata
Mentor(s): Linda Patrik
2008University of New HampshireChinaEarly Childhood Education in China Today: Exploring the Experience of Young Children in Rural and Urban Preschools
Student(s): Amy Martin, Jacqueline Maude, Emilee Minkwitz, Jennifer Mongelli
Mentor(s): Dora Wu Chen
2008University of RedlandsChinaUrban Space Transformation in Contemporary Shanghai
Student(s): Sara Adams, Jessica Irby, Iyleen Ismail, Cassandra Peisel, Brian Wobst
Mentor(s): Hongwei Lu
2008Vassar CollegeJapanStarbucks in Japan: A Case Study in Globalization and Cultural Change
Student(s): Jonathan Kaye, Eli Lewis, Lauren Scanlan, Robert Woodward
Mentor(s): Hiraku Shimoda
2008Viterbo UniversitySouth KoreaA Dynamic Diet: The South Korean Nutrition Transition and Movement toward a Westernized Diet
Student(s): Leah Anderson, Brooke Moersfelder, Amanda Richardson, Rebecca Sikorski, Stephanie Walker
Mentor(s): Carol Klitzke
2007Bard CollegeMalaysiaCultural Festivals, Tourism and the Politics of Representation in Island Southeast Asia
Student(s): Kristia Castrillo, Andrea Sandor, Nathan Smith, Jean Lor, Libby Dorot
Mentor(s): Mercedes Dujunco
2007Colby CollegeChinaReconfiguration of Public Spaces in Urban China
Student(s): Robert Ferriter, Thomas Huff, Stella Kim, Keane Ng, Jessie Tang
Mentor(s): Hong Zhang
2007Colorado CollegeJapanJoint Project: Regional Comparison: Knee Laxity and Leg Strength in Female Soccer Athletes in Japan and the United States
Student(s): Katlin Okamoto, Lucy Thompson
Mentor(s): Joan E Ericson
2007Eckerd CollegeMalaysiaJoint Project: The Confrontation between Cultural and Religious Traditions and Modernity among Youth in Malaysia
Student(s): Jonathan Boinner, Melissa Christie, Zoe Friedman, Countney Graham
Mentor(s): Nancy Janus
2007Gettysburg CollegeChinaBuddhism in the Modern World: The Quest for Social and Religious Identity in Southwest China
Student(s): Eric Canzano, Eric Klotz, Kate Vredenburgh, Brian Wilson, David Yager
Mentor(s): Deborah Ann Sommer
2007Green Mountain CollegePhilippinesJoint Project: The Impact of Overseas Filipino Employment on Families Left Behind
Student(s): Matthew Bower, Paula Maciel, Svea Miller, Ashley Potter
Mentor(s): Evangelina Blust
2007Hiram CollegeChinaIndividual Research Projects
Student(s): Daniel Falk, Patricia Nash, John Somerville
Mentor(s): Adam Cathcart
2007Illinois Wesleyan UniversityChinaUrban Planning in the Early Years of the People’s Republic of China: The Challenges of Education, Health Care, Housing, Sanitation and Pollution Abatement
Student(s): Elizabeth Reinhart (nee Chandler), Eric Fatla, Christy Ivie, Melisa Maisel, Sneh Rajbhandari
Mentor(s): Thomas D. Lutze
2007Naropa UniversityTibetJoint Project: An Exploration of Pilgrimage to Mount Kailash within Three Distinct Religious Traditions
Student(s): Kyra Coates, Thiago Leao, Tiffani Parrish, Benjamin Pitcher, Christopher Whitson
Mentor(s): Nataraja Kallio
2007SUNY, Purchase CollegeThailandIndividual Research Projects
Student(s): Erika Brenner, Rebecca Katzenberg, Michal Vaisben
Mentor(s): Peter Bell
2007Swarthmore CollegeChinaChina and the West: An Investigation of Chinese Cultural Encounters in the New Context of Globalization
Student(s): Elizabeth Bogal-Allbritten, Arthur Chyan, Fletcher Coleman, Ghristopher Green, Karma Lama
Mentor(s): Xiaorong Li
2007University of Puget SoundJapanIndividual Research Projects Focussed upon Japanese Omamori
Student(s): Daniel Bradley, Andrew Dalton, Alexander Larson
Mentor(s): Mikiko Ludden
2007Valparaiso UniversityChinaJoint Project: Contrasts and Similarities in Water Quality Issues Facing East Central China and Northwest Indiana: Issues, Perceptions, and Approaches for Resolutions
Student(s): Jeffrey Field, Sarah Mohlman, Shelly Schmeltz
Mentor(s): Jonathan Schoer
2007Virginia Wesleyan UniversityVietnamMaking Peace with Vietnam
Student(s): Julie Maggioncalda, Lauren Perry, Matthew Ryan, Lan My Tran, Sarah Tytler
Mentor(s): Steven Emmanuel
2006Elon UniversityJapanThe Institutionalization of Japanese Art
Student(s): Alexa Little, Leslie Mumme, Thomas Spradling
Mentor(s): Kirstin Ringelberg, Art History
2006Gettysburg CollegeSingaporeThe Social Construction of Chineseness in Singapore
Student(s): LiFong Chen, Emily Harsen, Douglas Kaufman, Jason Loh, Michael Quinn
Mentor(s): Voon Chin Phua, Sociology
2006Green Mountain CollegeChinaChanges in Traditional Behaviors and Beliefs Relating to Ancestors in Jiangsu Province China
Student(s): Ashley Converse, Felipe Estudillo-Colón, HariNarayan Khalsa, Keith Solmo, Tala Wunderler-Selby
Mentor(s): Mark Dailey, Anthropology
2006Guilford CollegeTibetField Study at Nomadic Horse Festivals in Khams, Eastern Tibet
Student(s): Amanda Armbrust, William Frank, Lauren Reed, Joshua Shelton, William McKindley-Ward
Mentor(s): Eric Mortensen, Religious Studies
2006Haverford CollegeIndonesiaBalinese Identity in Transition
Student(s): Colin Cahill, Ippolita DiPaola, Elizabeth Rhoads (Bryn Mawr College), Deepa Vesudevan
Mentor(s): Leslie Dwyer, Anthropology
2006John Carroll UniversityTibetConflict and Compromise in the Labrang Community: Cultures of the Sino-Tibetan Borderlands
Student(s): Melissa A. Cigoi, Nicholas Mercurio, Alecia Ott, Rosemary Stanitz-Skove, Jeffrey Villanueva
Mentor(s): Paul Nietupski, Religious Studies
2006Loyola Marymount UniversityJapanA Forgotten Age – The Material Culture of Kamakura Zen
Student(s): Stephanie Jewel
Mentor(s): Katherine Anne Harper, Art History
2006Marietta CollegeChinaInvestigating the Building Blocks of Advertising in Contemporary China
Student(s): Jamie Gougarty, Timothy Kemble, Lauren Stermer, William Sullivan IV
Mentor(s): Luding Tong, Modern Languages
2006Mills CollegeChinaChina: The Metropolis as Icon of Modernity
Student(s): Stacy Fisher, Stephanie McLeod, Stephanie Snyder, Emily Warde, Sarah Wong
Mentor(s): Wah K. Cheng, History
2006Oglethorpe UniversityJapanAinu Culture in Contemporary Japan
Student(s): Brittany Bennett, [Name deleted at student fellow’s request], Jessica Pond
Mentor(s): Robert Steen, Foreign Languages
2006Trinity UniversityChinaRethinking Early Chinese Civilization: New Light from Excavated Chinese Manuscripts
Student(s): John R. Bandy, Jennifer V. Rektorik, Brenda Teo, Daniel J. Williamson
Mentor(s): Wen Xing, Modern Languages and Literatures
2006Valparaiso UniversityChinaChinese Perceptions of the Rise of China and Chinese Relations with the United States
Student(s): Bethany Birch, Carl Boschert, Stanley Chiu, Laura Van’t Land
Mentor(s): Zhimin Lin, Political Science
2006Wittenberg UniversityJapanReligion Expression and Practice in Japan: The Modern Henro at the 88 Sacred Places of Shikoku
Student(s): Kimie Yomoko James, Zachariah Simon
Mentor(s): Jennifer Oldstone-Moore, Religion
2005Austin CollegeTaiwanTaiwan: Politics
Student(s): S.J. (Elle) Park, Karl Satterwhite, Katie Scofield, Ross Worden
Mentor(s): Donald M. Rodgers, Political Science
2005Beloit CollegeChinaChina: Physics in Everyday Life
Student(s): Kristin Block, Elon Candea, Ricky DeVoe, Jason Marmon, Cionne Wolfe
Mentor(s): Paul E. Stanley, Physics and Astronomy
2005Dickinson CollegeChinaChina: Everyday Notions of Patriotism
Student(s): Alexander Becket, Amy Eardley, Abhishek Kedia, Sarah Loudon, Katherine Paul, Caitlin Steirman
Mentor(s): Neil J. Diamant, Asian Studies and Political Science
2005Fairfield UniversityChinaChina: Women in the Anti-Japanese War
Student(s): Lauren Howard, Sarah Howe, Katie Molteni
Mentor(s): Danke Li, History
2005Lawrence UniversityPhilippinesThe Philippines: Reassessing the Value of Montane Forests and Degraded Lowlands for Bat Conservation
Student(s): Laura Corcoran, Marin Damerow, Shi-Hsia Hwa, Ben Pauli
Mentor(s): Jodi L. Sedlock, Biology and Environmental Studies
2005Northern Kentucky UniversityThailandThailand: Pottery Manufacture in Prehistory: An Examination of Ceramics from the Mun Valley from the Neolithic to the Origins of Angkor
Student(s): Emily Powers Dean, Shawn Fehrenbach, Rogelio Rivera, Mandy Turner
Mentor(s): Judy C. Voelker, Sociology, Anthropology, and Philosophy
2005University of the SouthChinaChina: The Sociology of Streets in Shanghai
Student(s): Jean Anne Babin, Christina Kwauk, Adam Moran, Marcus Murphy, Adriana Zimova
Mentor(s): Scott H. Wilson, Political Science
2005Southwestern UniversityJapanPolitical Leadership in Japan
Student(s): Chris Bailey, Tyson Berger, Sarah Morris, Lissa Terrel, Grace Webster
Mentor(s): Alisa Gaunder, Political Science
2005St. Mary’s College of MarylandThailandThailand: Engaged Buddhism
Student(s): Chris Kalman, Allison Mull, Claudia Peknik, Sarah Posey, Erica Schuetz
Mentor(s): John Schroeder, Philosophy and Religious Studies
2005St. Olaf CollegeChinaKakure Kirishitan (Hidden Christians) in Japan: Past and Present
Student(s): Brendan Eagan, Naoya Nishino, Erin Plant, Kirk Sandvig
Mentor(s): Robert E. Entenmann, History and Asian Studies
2005St. Olaf CollegeChinaSustainable Development in Western China: Water Study in Sichuan and Gansu
Student(s): Angela Lau, Brendan Mrosak, David Sluis, Bin Xue
Mentor(s): Xun Z. Pomponio, Economics
2005Trinity UniversitySouth KoreaKorea: Religious Traditions
Student(s): Stephanie Hilz, Sarah Hutt, Jonathan Magee, Christine Thiering, Jennifer Yu
Mentor(s): Donald N. Clark, History
2003Baldwin Wallace UniversitySouth KoreaSouth Korea
Student(s): Tiffany Lynn Carwile, Scott Damberger, Dylan S. Davis
Mentor(s): Haesook Chae, Political Science
2003Bard College at Simon’s RockChinaChina: Sacred Landscapes, Eco-cultural Tourism, and Nature Conservation in Northwest Yunnan
Student(s): Nicholas Ballenger, Kristen Garringer, Tessa Hutchinson
Mentor(s): Christopher Coggins, Social Studies
2003Bard CollegeChinaChina: Exploring Communication in the Absence of a Shared Language: A Cross-Cultural Production of The Good Person of Sichuan
Student(s): Crichton Atkinson, Rebecca Chernoff, Hunter McClamrock, Corey Sullivan, Joanne Tucker
Mentor(s): Jeffrey Sichel, Theater
2003California Lutheran UniversityVietnamVietnam
Student(s): Michael Barker, Brusta Brown, Ryan S. Mayfield, Brian Weinberger
Mentor(s): David Del Testa, History
2003Daemen CollegeTaiwanTaiwan: Taiwan’s Democratization and Its Implications
Student(s): Laurence Beahan III, Nicole Grabski
Mentor(s): Baohui Zhang, History and Government
2003Hartwick CollegeThailandThailand
Student(s): Amy Bateman, Colleen Didas, Kristin Hardman, Melissa Huizinga, Andrea Jones
Mentor(s): Linda S. Swift, Biology
2003Hobart and William Smith CollegesVietnamVietnam
Student(s): Gwynne Decker, Danielle Faul
Mentor(s): Jack Harris, Sociology
2003Illinois Wesleyan UniversityChinaChina: Towards Sustainable Development in the Chinese Countryside
Student(s): April Guthrie, Caleb Stevens, Andrew Sur
Mentor(s): Abigail Jahiel, Political Science
2003Spelman CollegeJapanJapan: The Influence of Cultural Factors on the Labor Market Decisions of Japanese Women: Views from Yokohama and Tokyo
Student(s): Camille Edwards, Jahaan Johnson, Lesley Jones, Erin Poulson
Mentor(s): Bernice J. DeGannes-Scott, Economics
2003Trinity UniversityChinaChina
Student(s): Bianca Abate, Kyle Brillante, Elizabeth Hugetz, Arthur Merschat, Randall Robinson
Mentor(s): Randall L. Nadeau, Religion
2003Warren Wilson CollegeChinaChina
Student(s): Sarah Cox, Paul Edmonds, Theo Eliezer, Erin McVey, Soren Norris
Mentor(s): Dongping Han, Political Science
2003Whitman CollegeJapanJapan
Student(s): Diana Kusunoki, Christine Yang
Mentor(s): Akira R. Takemoto, Foreign Languages and Literatures
2002Carthage CollegeIndiaIndia: The Price of Progress: Pilgrimage Sites and Tourism Development in the Indian Himalayas
Student(s): Nicholas John Barootian, Sarah Ann Helminski
Mentor(s): James G. Lochtefeld, Religion
2002Central CollegeChinaChina: Individual Projects
Student(s): Katharine Jane Dorn, Michelle Joy Foutty, Jacob Michael Greiner, Adam Jacob Swisher, Cindra Visser
Mentor(s): Chia Ning, History
2002Colgate UniversityChinaChina: Daughters of Mulan: Female Representation and Construction in Chinese Girls’ Schools, Textbooks, and Popular Culture
Student(s): Jenna Kaye Boswell, Mariah Margaret Contreras, Yue Ming Mei, Rebecca Jane Pond, Karin Elizabeth Thul
Mentor(s): Heidi A. Ross, Educational Studies/Asian Studies
2002Colorado CollegeChina, TaiwanChina and Taiwan: The Dances of Han Dynasty
Student(s): Melanie Laine Bennett, Alyssa Marrin Eichelberger, Patricia Ann Klempf, Angela La Borde
Mentor(s): Yunyu Wang, Drama and Dance
2002Eckerd CollegeChinaChina: Religious Practice and Chinese Local Culture
Student(s): John Robert Diedrich, Bradley D. Fountain, Mary Katherine Morrison, Amanda Grace Uscicki
Mentor(s): Andrew Chittick, East Asian Studies
2002Hamline UniversityTaiwanTaiwan: Tobacco Regimes in Taiwan
Student(s): Briana Adams, April Marie Nigh, Jeffrey Michael Paffrath, Robert August Peterson, Heather Rae Posthumus
Mentor(s): Richard C. Kagan, History
2002John Carroll UniversityChinaChina: Sino-Tibetan Borderlands
Student(s): Timothy Andrew Grose, Paul Gifford Kozak, Therese Anne Matthews, Michael Patrick Pratt, Angela Smith
Mentor(s): Paul Kocot Nietupski, Religious Studies
2002Lake Forest CollegeIndiaIndia: Music and Ritual at Hindu and Sufi Shrines
Student(s): Christa Rutt, Tiffany Martinez, Maryam Vahedi
Mentor(s): Cathy Benton, Asian Studies and Religion
2002University of the SouthChinaChina: Confucianism in Everyday Life
Student(s): David John Atkinson, Carl Joseph Dull, John Rory Fraser, Alan Barton Wray
Mentor(s): James Franklin Peterman, Philosophy
2002St. Olaf CollegeChinaChina: Xanadu Revisited: Transition with Chinese Characteristics
Student(s): Julie Jessica Stiehl, Matthew Warren Wright
Mentor(s): Xun Zhang Pomponio, Economics/Asian Studies
2002University of RedlandsJapanJapan: Social and Cultural History of Japan through Music Education
Student(s): Katherine Grace Bartolomea, Amanda Brooke Coak, Meena Malik, Danielle Katie White
Mentor(s): Yukiko Kawahara, Asian Studies
2002Whitman CollegeChinaChina: Production of a Western Adaptation of The Peach Blossom Fan
Student(s): Julia McDaniel Brown, Benjamin Carl Kerrick, Curtis Blake Roberts, Sarah Diana Sitts
Mentor(s): Shu-chu Wei, Foreign Languages and Literatures
2001Austin CollegeMongoliaMongolia: Individual Projects
Student(s): Amanda Lauren Darby, Michael Andrew Dorsey, Charles Caleb Dupuis, Georgina Michel, Sarah Rush
Mentor(s): Charles C. Krusekopf
2001Belmont UniversityChinaChina: Individual Projects
Student(s): Erin May Cline
Mentor(s): Ronnie L. Littlejohn
2001Butler UniversityChinaChinese Voices on the Impact of Globalization
Student(s): Rebecca Lynne Dayhuff, Nicole Fugate, Matthew Clark Guebard, Elizabeth Nancy Jackson, Jeffrey Scott Payne
Mentor(s): Fuji Lozada
2001Carthage CollegeThailandThailand: Individual Projects
Student(s): Miriam Eck, Mary Jean Preston
Mentor(s): Pamela Smiley
2001Davidson CollegeIndiaIndia: Individual Projects
Student(s): Austin Stroebele Cashman, Geneviève Corbière, Rebecca Awotwe Essah, Katherine Rice Miller, Rebecca Renee Wilson
Mentor(s): I. Job Thomas
2001Elmira CollegeIndiaIndia: Individual Projects
Student(s): Jennifer Jeanne Dennis, Juliet Kristen Marion, Kelly Renee Monk
Mentor(s): James A. Cook
2001Illinois Wesleyan UniversityIndonesiaIndonesia: Individual Projects
Student(s): Sara Ashleigh Cordes, Jillian Mary Denoma, Allison M. Lawton, Kristina L. McDonald
Mentor(s): Doran C. French
2001Kenyon CollegeIndiaIndia: Individual Projects
Student(s): Soubhik Saha, Erin Diane Saunders
Mentor(s): Miriam Dean-Otting
2001Lake Forest CollegeChinaThe Convergence of Socialism and Capitalism in Urban China
Student(s): Julia Marin Haskell, Jie Li, Sven Pinczewski, John Stephen Root, Matthew M. Saffar
Mentor(s): Shiwei Chen
2001Millikin UniversityIndiaOccidentalism: Indian Images of the Other
Student(s): Kristina Compton-Parker, Casey J. Guimond, Jace Quinlin Hoppes, Gloria Shaw, Nicole M. Surprenant
Mentor(s): Sushil Mittal
2001St. Lawrence UniversityJapanJapan: Individual Projects
Student(s): Nicole Gagnon, Marcus Perman, Bethany Mason Taylor, Courtney Ann Williams
Mentor(s): Erin A. McCarthy
2001St. Olaf CollegeThailandThailand: Individual Projects
Student(s): Dannia Lor Vang, Tong Xiong
Mentor(s): Robert Eric Entenmann
2001Viterbo UniversityIndiaIndia: Individual Projects
Student(s): Jennifer Jene Holtz, Ryan John Nelson, Stacey Beth Scott
Mentor(s): Pamela S. Maykut
2000Fairfield UniversityNepalNepal: A Study of the Nepalese Bodhnath Pilgrimage Community
Student(s): Jeffrey Adams Wenger
Mentor(s): Ronald M. Davidson, Religious Studies
2000Hiram CollegeJapanJapan: Zen Meditation, Gardening, and Contemporary Japanese Life
Student(s): Julia Levin
Mentor(s): Lisa B. Safford, Art
2000Illinois Wesleyan UniversityChinaPeople’s Republic of China: A Study of the Effectiveness of the New Chinese Tax System
Student(s): Yi Linda Zhang
Mentor(s): Zhenhu Jin, Business Administration
2000Kalamazoo CollegeChinaPeople’s Republic of China: Daoist Practice In Contemporary Beijing
Student(s): Jeffrey Michael Lung
Mentor(s): Brian Russell Dott, History
2000Kenyon CollegeChinaTaiwan (Republic of China): Ancestor Worship in Taiwan
Student(s): Philip A Davolos
Mentor(s): Joseph A. Adler, Religious Studies
2000Luther CollegeIndiaIndia: Mahakali: Her Worship and Her Followers
Student(s): Jean Marie Hollingsworth
Mentor(s): Brahmjyot K. Grewal, History
2000Missouri Southern State UniversityIndiaIndia: Preserving an Indian Princely State’s Past: An Oral History of Hyderabad, 1940-1955
Student(s): Erin Dale Sellers
Mentor(s): Karl Joseph Schmidt, History
2000University Of Puget SoundMalaysiaMalaysia: Hinduism in the Diaspora: The Sathya Sai Movement in Malaysia
Student(s): Jasmine Furnish
Mentor(s): Sunil Kukreja, Sociology
2000University of San DiegoChinaChina: Dynamics and Dilemmas: The Case Study of the First Women’s Hotline in China
Student(s): Karina Kirana
Mentor(s): Yi Sun, History
2000Valparaiso UniversityChinaChina: Changing Chinese Popular Perception of the US in the Wake of the Embassy Bombing and the WTO Deal
Student(s): Ryan Michael Murray
Mentor(s): Zhimin Lin, Political Science
1999Carthage CollegeVietnamVietnam: Vietnamese Women and Nation Building: Perceptions of the Roles of Vietnamese Women in the French Colonial Periods and in Contemporary Vietnam
Student(s): Heidi Jugenitz
Mentor(s): Micheline R. Lessard, History
1999Coe CollegeIndiaIndia: A Study in the Sociology of Religion: The Thomas Christians of Kerala
Student(s): Jennifer Lawrence
Mentor(s): Elizabeth C. Galbraith, Religion
1999Colgate UniversityChinaPeople’s Republic of China: Engendering Social Capital Formation: An Urban Rural Partnership for Enhancing Girls’ Schooling in China
Student(s): Janna Pistiner
Mentor(s): Heidi Ross, Education/Asian Studies
1999Colorado CollegeJapanJapan: Diversity in Language: The Japanese /r/ Sounds
Student(s): Andrew J. Schroeder
Mentor(s): Joan E. Ericson, Japanese
1999Kalamazoo CollegeJapanJapan: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of the Political Socialization of Chinese and Japanese Children
Student(s): Heather M. Schmidt
Mentor(s): Jeremy D. Mayer, Political Science
1999Seattle UniversityChinaChina: Popular Culture and Everyday Life: A Study of the Taohuawu Woodblock Prints
Student(s): Sarah K. Fisher
Mentor(s): Kan Liang, History
1999St. Andrews Presbyterian CollegeJapanJapan: Sharing the Stage: Women as Performers of Shinto Festival Music
Student(s): Luanne Homberger
Mentor(s): David Fish, Music
1999St. Olaf CollegeChinaThailand: HIV/AIDS Treatment and Education in Rural vs. Urban Northern Thailand
Student(s): Amy S. Brendel
Mentor(s): Michael R. Leming, Sociology and Anthropology
1999St. Olaf CollegeChinaChina: Determining Buddhism’s Capacity as an Ecological Influence in Hong Kong
Student(s): Eric Buenz
Mentor(s): Barbara E. Reed, Religion and Asian Studies
1999University of Puget SoundTaiwanTaiwan: Go South or Go West? The Effect of Taiwan’s Economic Interests in The People’s Republic of China on Cross-Strait Relations During the Asian Crisis
Student(s): Foster D. Reif
Mentor(s): Y. Paul Huo, International Business
1998Augustana CollegeChinaChina: Life of Sister Ingeborg Nystul, First Augustana SL Deaconess to Serve in China
Student(s): Jane Tiedge
Mentor(s): Marsha Smith, Sociology
1998Gettysburg CollegeChinaChina: Contemporary Applications of Traditional Medicine
Student(s): Ashley Lynn Anderson
Mentor(s): Deborah A. Sommer, Philosophy & Religious Studies
1998Colorado CollegeChinaChina: Issues of Gender and Sexuality in the Works of Contemporary Women Writers
Student(s): Mara Sunshine Andersen
Mentor(s): Hong Jiang, Chinese Language & Literature
1998Davidson CollegeIndiaIndia: Would Wetlands be Viable Wastewater Treatment Facilities in India?
Student(s): Laura Amanda Walker
Mentor(s): David William Martin, Economics
1998Eckerd CollegeSri LankaSri Lanka: How and Why is Sri Lanka at the Forefront Among South Asian Nations in Solving its Population Dilemmas?
Student(s): Jan Marci Brunson
Mentor(s): Victoria Jean Baker, Anthropology
1998Illinois Wesleyan UniversityIndiaIndia: Do the People of Ramakrishna Mission in Calcutta Agree or Disagree with the View of Ramakrishna Proposed by Jeff Kripal in ‘Kali’s Child” (1995)?
Student(s): Andrew Michael Busch
Mentor(s): Brian Allison Hatcher, Religion
1998Kalamazoo CollegeSri LankaSri Lanka: Buddhist Practices and Tenets of Lay Women in the Metropolitan Area of Colombo
Student(s): Karen Elizabeth Stoll
Mentor(s): Carol S. Anderson, Religion
1998Skidmore CollegeIndiaIndia: Role and Status of Nuns in Tibetan Buddhism
Student(s): Elizabeth Noble
Mentor(s): Joel R. Smith, Philosophy
1998St. Olaf CollegeChinaChina: Income Distribution in the Shanghai Area and Its Effect on Future Growth
Student(s): Paul Andrew Boruta
Mentor(s): Xun Zhang Pomponio, Economics
1998University of Puget SoundTibetTibetan Women and the Feminine Principle in Dharamsala
Student(s): Stacey Leigh Brown
Mentor(s): Elisabeth Benard, Asian Studies