1998 Student-Faculty Fellows Program

1998Augustana CollegeChinaChina: Life of Sister Ingeborg Nystul, First Augustana SL Deaconess to Serve in China
Student(s): Jane Tiedge
Mentor(s): Marsha Smith, Sociology
1998Gettysburg CollegeChinaChina: Contemporary Applications of Traditional Medicine
Student(s): Ashley Lynn Anderson
Mentor(s): Deborah A. Sommer, Philosophy & Religious Studies
1998Colorado CollegeChinaChina: Issues of Gender and Sexuality in the Works of Contemporary Women Writers
Student(s): Mara Sunshine Andersen
Mentor(s): Hong Jiang, Chinese Language & Literature
1998Davidson CollegeIndiaIndia: Would Wetlands be Viable Wastewater Treatment Facilities in India?
Student(s): Laura Amanda Walker
Mentor(s): David William Martin, Economics
1998Eckerd CollegeSri LankaSri Lanka: How and Why is Sri Lanka at the Forefront Among South Asian Nations in Solving its Population Dilemmas?
Student(s): Jan Marci Brunson
Mentor(s): Victoria Jean Baker, Anthropology
1998Illinois Wesleyan UniversityIndiaIndia: Do the People of Ramakrishna Mission in Calcutta Agree or Disagree with the View of Ramakrishna Proposed by Jeff Kripal in ‘Kali’s Child” (1995)?
Student(s): Andrew Michael Busch
Mentor(s): Brian Allison Hatcher, Religion
1998Kalamazoo CollegeSri LankaSri Lanka: Buddhist Practices and Tenets of Lay Women in the Metropolitan Area of Colombo
Student(s): Karen Elizabeth Stoll
Mentor(s): Carol S. Anderson, Religion
1998Skidmore CollegeIndiaIndia: Role and Status of Nuns in Tibetan Buddhism
Student(s): Elizabeth Noble
Mentor(s): Joel R. Smith, Philosophy
1998St. Olaf CollegeChinaChina: Income Distribution in the Shanghai Area and Its Effect on Future Growth
Student(s): Paul Andrew Boruta
Mentor(s): Xun Zhang Pomponio, Economics
1998University of Puget SoundTibetTibetan Women and the Feminine Principle in Dharamsala
Student(s): Stacey Leigh Brown
Mentor(s): Elisabeth Benard, Asian Studies