1999 Student-Faculty Fellows Program

1999Carthage CollegeVietnamVietnam: Vietnamese Women and Nation Building: Perceptions of the Roles of Vietnamese Women in the French Colonial Periods and in Contemporary Vietnam
Student(s): Heidi Jugenitz
Mentor(s): Micheline R. Lessard, History
1999Coe CollegeIndiaIndia: A Study in the Sociology of Religion: The Thomas Christians of Kerala
Student(s): Jennifer Lawrence
Mentor(s): Elizabeth C. Galbraith, Religion
1999Colgate UniversityChinaPeople’s Republic of China: Engendering Social Capital Formation: An Urban Rural Partnership for Enhancing Girls’ Schooling in China
Student(s): Janna Pistiner
Mentor(s): Heidi Ross, Education/Asian Studies
1999Colorado CollegeJapanJapan: Diversity in Language: The Japanese /r/ Sounds
Student(s): Andrew J. Schroeder
Mentor(s): Joan E. Ericson, Japanese
1999Kalamazoo CollegeJapanJapan: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of the Political Socialization of Chinese and Japanese Children
Student(s): Heather M. Schmidt
Mentor(s): Jeremy D. Mayer, Political Science
1999Seattle UniversityChinaChina: Popular Culture and Everyday Life: A Study of the Taohuawu Woodblock Prints
Student(s): Sarah K. Fisher
Mentor(s): Kan Liang, History
1999St. Andrews Presbyterian CollegeJapanJapan: Sharing the Stage: Women as Performers of Shinto Festival Music
Student(s): Luanne Homberger
Mentor(s): David Fish, Music
1999St. Olaf CollegeChinaThailand: HIV/AIDS Treatment and Education in Rural vs. Urban Northern Thailand
Student(s): Amy S. Brendel
Mentor(s): Michael R. Leming, Sociology and Anthropology
1999St. Olaf CollegeChinaChina: Determining Buddhism’s Capacity as an Ecological Influence in Hong Kong
Student(s): Eric Buenz
Mentor(s): Barbara E. Reed, Religion and Asian Studies
1999University of Puget SoundTaiwanTaiwan: Go South or Go West? The Effect of Taiwan’s Economic Interests in The People’s Republic of China on Cross-Strait Relations During the Asian Crisis
Student(s): Foster D. Reif
Mentor(s): Y. Paul Huo, International Business