2000 Student-Faculty Fellows Program

2000Fairfield UniversityNepalNepal: A Study of the Nepalese Bodhnath Pilgrimage Community
Student(s): Jeffrey Adams Wenger
Mentor(s): Ronald M. Davidson, Religious Studies
2000Hiram CollegeJapanJapan: Zen Meditation, Gardening, and Contemporary Japanese Life
Student(s): Julia Levin
Mentor(s): Lisa B. Safford, Art
2000Illinois Wesleyan UniversityChinaPeople’s Republic of China: A Study of the Effectiveness of the New Chinese Tax System
Student(s): Yi Linda Zhang
Mentor(s): Zhenhu Jin, Business Administration
2000Kalamazoo CollegeChinaPeople’s Republic of China: Daoist Practice In Contemporary Beijing
Student(s): Jeffrey Michael Lung
Mentor(s): Brian Russell Dott, History
2000Kenyon CollegeChinaTaiwan (Republic of China): Ancestor Worship in Taiwan
Student(s): Philip A Davolos
Mentor(s): Joseph A. Adler, Religious Studies
2000Luther CollegeIndiaIndia: Mahakali: Her Worship and Her Followers
Student(s): Jean Marie Hollingsworth
Mentor(s): Brahmjyot K. Grewal, History
2000Missouri Southern State UniversityIndiaIndia: Preserving an Indian Princely State’s Past: An Oral History of Hyderabad, 1940-1955
Student(s): Erin Dale Sellers
Mentor(s): Karl Joseph Schmidt, History
2000University Of Puget SoundMalaysiaMalaysia: Hinduism in the Diaspora: The Sathya Sai Movement in Malaysia
Student(s): Jasmine Furnish
Mentor(s): Sunil Kukreja, Sociology
2000University of San DiegoChinaChina: Dynamics and Dilemmas: The Case Study of the First Women’s Hotline in China
Student(s): Karina Kirana
Mentor(s): Yi Sun, History
2000Valparaiso UniversityChinaChina: Changing Chinese Popular Perception of the US in the Wake of the Embassy Bombing and the WTO Deal
Student(s): Ryan Michael Murray
Mentor(s): Zhimin Lin, Political Science