2003 Student-Faculty Fellows Program

In Spring 2003, 57 students and faculty mentors comprising 12 research teams from ASIANetwork member institutions were awarded the fellowship grant that would support collaborative research in six Asian countries for at least three weeks during the next summer: five to China, two to Japan, one to South Korea, one to Taiwan, one to Thailand and two to Vietnam. However, because of the SARS situation in Asia, all ASIANetwork administered travels to Asia were postponed. Five teams did field research between December 2003 and February 2004, while seven teams undertook field work during the summer of 2004.
2003Baldwin Wallace UniversitySouth KoreaSouth Korea
Student(s): Tiffany Lynn Carwile, Scott Damberger, Dylan S. Davis
Mentor(s): Haesook Chae, Political Science
2003Bard College at Simon’s RockChinaChina: Sacred Landscapes, Eco-cultural Tourism, and Nature Conservation in Northwest Yunnan
Student(s): Nicholas Ballenger, Kristen Garringer, Tessa Hutchinson
Mentor(s): Christopher Coggins, Social Studies
2003Bard CollegeChinaChina: Exploring Communication in the Absence of a Shared Language: A Cross-Cultural Production of The Good Person of Sichuan
Student(s): Crichton Atkinson, Rebecca Chernoff, Hunter McClamrock, Corey Sullivan, Joanne Tucker
Mentor(s): Jeffrey Sichel, Theater
2003California Lutheran UniversityVietnamVietnam
Student(s): Michael Barker, Brusta Brown, Ryan S. Mayfield, Brian Weinberger
Mentor(s): David Del Testa, History
2003Daemen CollegeTaiwanTaiwan: Taiwan’s Democratization and Its Implications
Student(s): Laurence Beahan III, Nicole Grabski
Mentor(s): Baohui Zhang, History and Government
2003Hartwick CollegeThailandThailand
Student(s): Amy Bateman, Colleen Didas, Kristin Hardman, Melissa Huizinga, Andrea Jones
Mentor(s): Linda S. Swift, Biology
2003Hobart and William Smith CollegesVietnamVietnam
Student(s): Gwynne Decker, Danielle Faul
Mentor(s): Jack Harris, Sociology
2003Illinois Wesleyan UniversityChinaChina: Towards Sustainable Development in the Chinese Countryside
Student(s): April Guthrie, Caleb Stevens, Andrew Sur
Mentor(s): Abigail Jahiel, Political Science
2003Spelman CollegeJapanJapan: The Influence of Cultural Factors on the Labor Market Decisions of Japanese Women: Views from Yokohama and Tokyo
Student(s): Camille Edwards, Jahaan Johnson, Lesley Jones, Erin Poulson
Mentor(s): Bernice J. DeGannes-Scott, Economics
2003Trinity UniversityChinaChina
Student(s): Bianca Abate, Kyle Brillante, Elizabeth Hugetz, Arthur Merschat, Randall Robinson
Mentor(s): Randall L. Nadeau, Religion
2003Warren Wilson CollegeChinaChina
Student(s): Sarah Cox, Paul Edmonds, Theo Eliezer, Erin McVey, Soren Norris
Mentor(s): Dongping Han, Political Science
2003Whitman CollegeJapanJapan
Student(s): Diana Kusunoki, Christine Yang
Mentor(s): Akira R. Takemoto, Foreign Languages and Literatures