2007 Student-Faculty Fellows Program

2007Bard CollegeMalaysiaCultural Festivals, Tourism and the Politics of Representation in Island Southeast Asia
Student(s): Kristia Castrillo, Andrea Sandor, Nathan Smith, Jean Lor, Libby Dorot
Mentor(s): Mercedes Dujunco
2007Colby CollegeChinaReconfiguration of Public Spaces in Urban China
Student(s): Robert Ferriter, Thomas Huff, Stella Kim, Keane Ng, Jessie Tang
Mentor(s): Hong Zhang
2007Colorado CollegeJapanJoint Project: Regional Comparison: Knee Laxity and Leg Strength in Female Soccer Athletes in Japan and the United States
Student(s): Katlin Okamoto, Lucy Thompson
Mentor(s): Joan E Ericson
2007Eckerd CollegeMalaysiaJoint Project: The Confrontation between Cultural and Religious Traditions and Modernity among Youth in Malaysia
Student(s): Jonathan Boinner, Melissa Christie, Zoe Friedman, Countney Graham
Mentor(s): Nancy Janus
2007Gettysburg CollegeChinaBuddhism in the Modern World: The Quest for Social and Religious Identity in Southwest China
Student(s): Eric Canzano, Eric Klotz, Kate Vredenburgh, Brian Wilson, David Yager
Mentor(s): Deborah Ann Sommer
2007Green Mountain CollegePhilippinesJoint Project: The Impact of Overseas Filipino Employment on Families Left Behind
Student(s): Matthew Bower, Paula Maciel, Svea Miller, Ashley Potter
Mentor(s): Evangelina Blust
2007Hiram CollegeChinaIndividual Research Projects
Student(s): Daniel Falk, Patricia Nash, John Somerville
Mentor(s): Adam Cathcart
2007Illinois Wesleyan UniversityChinaUrban Planning in the Early Years of the People’s Republic of China: The Challenges of Education, Health Care, Housing, Sanitation and Pollution Abatement
Student(s): Elizabeth Reinhart (nee Chandler), Eric Fatla, Christy Ivie, Melisa Maisel, Sneh Rajbhandari
Mentor(s): Thomas D. Lutze
2007Naropa UniversityTibetJoint Project: An Exploration of Pilgrimage to Mount Kailash within Three Distinct Religious Traditions
Student(s): Kyra Coates, Thiago Leao, Tiffani Parrish, Benjamin Pitcher, Christopher Whitson
Mentor(s): Nataraja Kallio
2007SUNY, Purchase CollegeThailandIndividual Research Projects
Student(s): Erika Brenner, Rebecca Katzenberg, Michal Vaisben
Mentor(s): Peter Bell
2007Swarthmore CollegeChinaChina and the West: An Investigation of Chinese Cultural Encounters in the New Context of Globalization
Student(s): Elizabeth Bogal-Allbritten, Arthur Chyan, Fletcher Coleman, Ghristopher Green, Karma Lama
Mentor(s): Xiaorong Li
2007University of Puget SoundJapanIndividual Research Projects Focussed upon Japanese Omamori
Student(s): Daniel Bradley, Andrew Dalton, Alexander Larson
Mentor(s): Mikiko Ludden
2007Valparaiso UniversityChinaJoint Project: Contrasts and Similarities in Water Quality Issues Facing East Central China and Northwest Indiana: Issues, Perceptions, and Approaches for Resolutions
Student(s): Jeffrey Field, Sarah Mohlman, Shelly Schmeltz
Mentor(s): Jonathan Schoer
2007Virginia Wesleyan UniversityVietnamMaking Peace with Vietnam
Student(s): Julie Maggioncalda, Lauren Perry, Matthew Ryan, Lan My Tran, Sarah Tytler
Mentor(s): Steven Emmanuel