2008 Student-Faculty Fellows Program

2008Bard CollegeTibetStriving for Cultural Authenticity Amid a Confluence of Civilizations: Tibetan Communities of Aba (Sichuan Province) and Diqing (Yunnan Province)
Student(s): David Duckler, Eun Hae Kim, Quinn Olbrich
Mentor(s): Li-hua Ying
2008Earlham CollegeSingaporeImmigrants in Singapore: A Study of Connections, Class, and Country
Student(s): Kim Hardy, Jonathan Jenner, Virgil Looney, Lukas Manka
Mentor(s): Rajaram Krishnan
2008Eckerd CollegeChinaIndividual Research Projects
Student(s): Suzanne Simpson, Galway B. Traynor, Christina Marie Welter
Mentor(s): Andrew Chittick
2008Kenyon CollegeChinaChina in Transition – Individual Projects
Student(s): Alexander Gladston, Amanda Harris, Paige Markham, Andrew Stein, Jerry Stewart
Mentor(s): Jie Zhang
2008Loras CollegeChinaChinese Towns in the Past and Present
Student(s): Christopher Bodane, Andrew Border, Nickolas Helten, Erin Horst
Mentor(s): Lee S. Zhu
2008Maryville CollegeChinaProsperity and Preservation: The Impact of Globalization on Rural China and Minorities
Student(s): Amanda Brooks, Whitney Downing, Cory Everett, Ally Ketron, Josh Phillips
Mentor(s): Scott Henson
2008St. Mary’s College of MarylandJapanStudying Traditional Japanese Theatre
Student(s): Kathryn Miller, Zachary Pajak, Ian Prince, Rachel Reckling, Judith Sellner
Mentor(s): Holly Ann Blumner
2008St. Norbert CollegeJapan100 Faces of Japanese Women: How Japanese Women and Bigaku (The Japanese Sense of Beauty) are Portrayed in Japanese Pop Culture (Manga and Anime) and Traditional Japanese Theater (Kabuki and Noh)
Student(s): Alyssa Beyer, Katlyn Jaeger, Deziree Larson, Paul McEnaney
Mentor(s): Ikuko Torimoto
2008Union CollegeJapanStreet Fashion: Rebellion against Traditional Gender Roles?
Student(s): Emily Brunelle, Jasmine Maldonado, Nozomi Sakata
Mentor(s): Linda Patrik
2008University of New HampshireChinaEarly Childhood Education in China Today: Exploring the Experience of Young Children in Rural and Urban Preschools
Student(s): Amy Martin, Jacqueline Maude, Emilee Minkwitz, Jennifer Mongelli
Mentor(s): Dora Wu Chen
2008University of RedlandsChinaUrban Space Transformation in Contemporary Shanghai
Student(s): Sara Adams, Jessica Irby, Iyleen Ismail, Cassandra Peisel, Brian Wobst
Mentor(s): Hongwei Lu
2008Vassar CollegeJapanStarbucks in Japan: A Case Study in Globalization and Cultural Change
Student(s): Jonathan Kaye, Eli Lewis, Lauren Scanlan, Robert Woodward
Mentor(s): Hiraku Shimoda
2008Viterbo UniversitySouth KoreaA Dynamic Diet: The South Korean Nutrition Transition and Movement toward a Westernized Diet
Student(s): Leah Anderson, Brooke Moersfelder, Amanda Richardson, Rebecca Sikorski, Stephanie Walker
Mentor(s): Carol Klitzke