2011 Student-Faculty Fellows Program

2011Bard College at Simon’s RockChinaOf Fengshui and Fengshuilin
Student(s): Joelle Chevrier, Maeve Dwyer, Lindsey Longway, Michael Xu
Mentor(s): Christopher Coggins
2011Carleton CollegeChinaIndividual Student Research Projects in the city of Chengdu and in Yunnan Province
Student(s): Josiah Burns, Nora Driscoll, Rose Hyson, Yer Yang, Herman Zheng
Mentor(s): Hong Zeng
2011Carthage CollegeChinaTraditional Medicine in Contemporary Beijing
Student(s): Samuel Haswell, Kala Istvanek, Scolastica Njoroge, John Tackes III
Mentor(s): Dan Choffnes
2011Coastal Carolina UniversityJapanHistory in Service of the Nation: Historical Remembrance of Japanese Imperialism in South Korea
Student(s): Amanda Kraft, Jeffery Robinson, Hans Sapochek, Rebekah Thomas, Laura Whitefield–Smith
Mentor(s): Brandon Palmer
2011College of IdahoThailandTangerine Dreams: The Local Effects of Liberalizing Thai–China Trade
Student(s): Morgan Bow Hanson, Alexandra Grande, Christoph Kober, Nicole Watson
Mentor(s): Robert Dayley
2011DePauw UniversityMongoliaA Disappearing Legacy and an Emerging Perspective: The Sound and Scenery of the Inner Mongolian Steppe
Student(s): Betty Jin Jin Cao, Christopher Granger, Tavian Lucas, Stefan O’Neil, Seth Tsui
Mentor(s): Sherry Jenq–yunn Mou
2011Drew UniversityChinaNot One Less: A Case Study of Mandatory Education for Rural and Minority Girls in China
Student(s): Emilyn Aguilar, Megan Cofresi, Jessica Cooney, Melaina Fraboni
Mentor(s): Bai Di
2011McDaniel CollegeChinaHammering Art in Iron: Wuhu Tiehua (1670s–2010)
Student(s): Dani Allen, Scott Camuto, Brooke Freeland, Monika Lemke, Yichong Li
Mentor(s): Qin Fang
2011Swarthmore CollegeChinaPilgrimage to Shanxi Historical Villages: Making Connections to the Past and Comparisons to China’s Urban Future
Student(s): Tiffany Barron, Emma Saarel, Eugenia Sokolskaya, Abigail Starr, Rebecca Teng
Mentor(s): Lala Zuo
2011University of FindlayJapanSearch for Ethnic and National Identity among Contemporary Japanese: Through the Window of Kyosei (Coexistence)
Student(s): Caitlin Adkins, Shawna McAllister, Craig White
Mentor(s): Hiroaki Kawamura
2011University of San DiegoChinaIndependent Student Research in Beijing, Tianjin and Xian
Student(s): Elishia Appleton, Michael Lu, Chelsea Sosnowski
Mentor(s): Yi Sun
2011University of Wisconsin-WhitewaterJapanIndependent Student Research in Nagasaki and the Unzen Volcanic Area of Japan
Student(s): Rhiannon LaVine, Heather McFarlin, Scott Nussbaum, Monica Wilson
Mentor(s): Marjorie Rhine
2011Webster UniversityJapanJapan’s Youth: Disaster and Rebuilding for a Common Future
Student(s): Lena DeBold–Clem, Miranda Guiles, Kristen Paxton, Cory Schmidt, Rebecca Serfass
Mentor(s): Roy Tamashiro