2013 Student-Faculty Fellows Program

ASIANetwork is pleased to announce that financial support has been provided by the Freeman Foundation to run the 15th “Student-Faculty Fellows Program” to support undergraduate research in Asia during the summer of 2013. The summer 2013 program will support the work of approximately ten research groups, totaling approximately sixty people (students and mentors combined). As stipulated by the Freeman Foundation, research should be in East and Southeast Asia, those areas bordered by Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines in the south and west (which include Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia), and then north to include Taiwan, Hong Kong S.A.R., China, Japan, and Korea. Studies in Nepal are also welcome. Only proposals from U.S. institutions that have been ASIANetwork members during the year immediately prior to the application (AY 2011-2012) will be considered.

2013Baldwin Wallace UniversityChinaIndividual Projects: Internet Censorship, Chinese Christians’ Views on Environment and Economy, and China’s Urban Demolition and Relocation Management Policies
Student(s): Erin Amschlinger ’14, Sundous Eddeb ’13, Paul Krause ’15, Daniela Muhaj ’14
Mentor(s): Xudong Chen, Economics
2013Carleton CollegeTaiwan, SingaporeTemple Music in the Chinese Diaspora: Exploration and Preservation
Student(s): Kim Bauer ’13, Yawen Chen, ’15, Joseph Concannon, ’13
Mentor(s): Gao Hong Dice, Music
2013Concordia CollegeSouth KoreaPrintmaking and Related Media in South Korea
Student(s): Turi Anderson ’14, Lauren Johnson ’14, Cheryl Lussky ’14, Bridget Medbery ’13, Jenna Morris ’15, Solveig Swenson ‘14
Mentor(s): Heidi Goldberg & Susan Lee, Art
2013DePauw UniversityMongoliaIndividual Student Research Projects focused upon the Alashan Region of Inner Mongolia
Student(s): Jeffrey Craig ’15, Jason Grullon ’15, Janelle Lyons ’14, Phua Xiong ‘14
Mentor(s): Sherry Jenq-yunn Mou, Modern Languages & Asian Studies
2013Green Mountain CollegeThailandThailand’s Environmental Development
Student(s): Kristen Friedel ’14, Titania Green ’15, Nicholas Ravotti ’14, Luz Guel ‘15
Mentor(s): Sam Edwards, Environmental Law & Policy
2013Hamline UniversityIndonesiaThe Dynamics of Change in a Toraja Village, Indonesia
Student(s): Richmond Fiksdal ’14, Melanie Nomura, ’13
Mentor(s): Elizabeth Coville, Anthropology
2013Hanover CollegeChinaPhysical and Philosophical Daoism: A Study of Taijiquan
Student(s): Slaton Blickman ’15, Tylor Cunningham ’14, Elizabeth Hartman ’13, Timothy Reidy IV ‘13
Mentor(s): Aimin Shen, Philosophy
2013John Carroll UniversityTibet‘Wild West’: Crossing Borders on the Sino-Tibetan Frontier
Student(s): Andrew Dockery ’16, Alexandra Ehrett ’16, Brenton Mineo ’13, Sarah Pawlaczyk ‘15
Mentor(s): Paul Nietupski, Theology and Religious Studies
2013LeMoyne CollegeThailandCultural Sustainability across the Generation Gap in Northern Thailand
Student(s): Leon Cominsky ’13, Emily Powers ’13, Frank Sapere ’14, Kelsey Woodrick ‘13
Mentor(s): Deborah Tooker, Anthropology, Criminology & Sociology
2013Marietta CollegeThailandSustainable Shrimp Farming in Surat Thani, Thailand
Student(s): Alina Keilbasa ’15, Taylor Landrie ’13, Eric Miranda-Marin ’15, Malisa Spring ‘14
Mentor(s): David Brown, Biology and Environmental Science
2013University of LouisvilleMalaysiaMalaysia: The State of Suspension: Refugee Life in Absentia of Global Norms and Models for Resolution
Student(s): Meagan Floyd ’13, Michael Zeller ‘13
Mentor(s): Jason Abbott, Political Science
2013University of Wisconsin-Eau ClaireCambodiaThe Monk’s Community Forest: Biodiversity and Ethnobotany in a Cambodian REDD Project
Student(s): Breana Meyer ’14, Kelsey Pischke ’13, Joel Smith ’13, Joseph Weirich ‘13
Mentor(s): Deborah Freund, Biology
2013Valparaiso UniversityChinaThe Shanghai Jewish Refugees: History and Commemoration
Student(s): Kaley Buck ’14, Angela Elliott ’13, Aura Harper-Smith ’15, Peter Keim ’13, Jonathan Mack ’14, Trace Ostergren ‘15
Mentor(s): Kevin Ostoyich & Yun Xia, History