2018 Student-Faculty Fellows Program

The 2018 ASIANetwork Freeman Student-Faculty Fellows Program (SFF) is the twentieth funded by the Freeman Foundation to support undergraduate projects in East and Southeast Asia. A total of $334,000.00 will be allocated to forty-six students and sixteen faculty mentors in ten teams, four led by a single mentor and six led by two mentors. They will conduct projects in the People’s Republic of China (four teams), Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam this summer. If one counts the 2018 recipients, the SFF program has awarded a total of 227 grants to 1,096 faculty and students at 110 ASIANetwork member institutions.

ASIANetwork is grateful to the Freeman Foundation for its extraordinary commitment to fostering undergraduate engagement and research projects in Asia, and providing the opportunity for U.S. college students to have a mentored, in-depth experience in Asia. We also express our appreciation to the faculty mentors, supported by their campus administrators, who lead their students to Asia each summer for these transformative experiences.

We wish to congratulate the 2018 SFF recipients on receiving the awards and thank all applicants this year and in the past for their interest and support for the SFF program.

2018Carleton CollegeChinaAncient Music in a Globalized World: Documentation of Nanyin Preservation in Quanzhou, Fujian
Student(s): Augustus Holley, Yiqing Yu, and Lia Spencer
Mentor(s): Gao Hong, Director of Carleton Chinese Music Ensemble
2018Dickinson CollegeChinaThe “Stay-Behinds”: Village Labor and Sustainability in the New Era of Migration in Rural China
Student(s): Jingwen Zhang, Rachel Gross, Muhajir Lesure, Pema Lhamo Tashi, Meaghan Emily McBride, Alex Bossakov
Mentor(s): Alex Bossakov, Ann Maxwell Hill (Anthropology) and Susan D. Rose (Sociology)
2018Gettysburg CollegeSingaporeCultural Representation in Tourism: Alignment and Diversion
Student(s): Xiunan Yu, Jesse Shircliff, Brianna Costira, and Meira Ruben
Mentor(s): Voon Chin Phua (Sociology)
2018Monmouth CollegeIndonesiaUse of a Landscape Approach to Measure and Mitigate the Effects of Deforestation in Sumatra, Indonesia
Student(s): Jonathan Cunningham, Shane Herkert, Emma Johanns, and Kathryn Saulcy
Mentor(s): James S. Godde (Biology)
2018Roanoke CollegeSouth KoreaStrangers in Their Imagined Motherland: North Korean Refugees in South Korea
Student(s): Anna Mari Ford, Brittney Ann Rowe, Carolyn Marie Marciniec, Phantesa Omenza Cri Amote Ingram, Alexander Pelletier, and Emily Costello
Mentor(s): Whitney Leeson (Anthropology) and Stella Yingzi Xu (History)
2018Seattle UniversityVietnamSustainable Coffee: Building a Coffee Community with a Global Mindset for Environmental and Social Justice
Student(s): Braden Wild, Samantha Henry, Grace Jovanovic, Linh Bui, Don-Thuan Le, and Danielle Alday
Mentor(s): Quan Le (Economics) and Le X. Hy (Psychology)
2018Slippery Rock UniversityChinaThe Development and Benchmarking of Contemporary Sustainability Indicators for Rural Ethnic Chinese Villages: A Case Study of the Social, Economic, and Ecological Issues of Two Gelao Villages Near Chongqing Municipality
Student(s): Marshall Tuten, Marlee Theil, Aisha Aldubayan, and Thomas Fibian
Mentor(s): John Golden (Business) and Li Pu (Communication)
2018College of IdahoThailandRefugee Narratives along the Thai-Myanmar Border: Bringing the Dara’ang Out of Obscurity
Student(s): Kennedy Alvaro, Hannah DalSoglio, Kaytlyn Marcotte, Gavin McCaw, and Marine Vieille
Mentor(s): Robert Dayley (Political Economy) and Alice Vinson(Art)
2018College of New JerseyJapanGender, food and disaster recovery: Women’s food cooperatives as sites of recovery following the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake of 2011
Student(s): Yani Aldrich, Jason Sagalow; Annette Giacobbe, and Jordan Gonzalez
Mentor(s): Holly Didi-Ogren (Anthropology)
2018University of the SouthChinaCitizen Monitoring of Water Pollution in China
Student(s): Jasmine Huang, Wint Myat Thu, Caroline Wright, Alyssa Marie Holley, and Magdelene Isabel Smith
Mentor(s): Scott Howard Wilson (Politics) and Deborah McGrath (Biology)