Marianna Presler McJimsey

Woodstock School, Mussoorie, India 1954
Oberlin College, History Major, 1958
University of Wisconsin, M.A. in History, 1960
Colorado College, Education & Asian Studies, 1968 – 2000
Colorado College, Director of International Studies, 2000 – 2005

Marianna Presler McJimsey was the first executive director of ASIANetwork (1993-1999) and the first editor of ASIANetwork Exchange. Under McJimsey’s leadership, ASIANetwork began with extraordinary energy and purpose, gaining recognition from the Association for Asian Studies; receiving grants from the Luce Foundation, the Ford Foundation and the Freeman Foundation that created opportunities for faculty curriculum development and student study in Asia; publishing ASIANetwork Exchange; holding annual conferences; and rapidly growing its membership. With a focus on teaching undergraduates about Asia, ASIANetwork’s emphasis on scholarship, curriculum, camaraderie, and communication are the lasting legacies of Marianna McJimsey.